Job Groups and Salaries in Kenya


Civil servants, teachers, police officers and other government employees have specific job groups that determine their salaries. For Civil Servants, the highest paid individual is in job group E4 and earns a minimum monthly salary of Ksh 292,765 and a maximum salary of Ksh 576,120. To earn more than Ksh250,000 in a government institution, you must possess a masters qualification and at least 15 years of experience. Parastatal and Ministry senior officials are among those in the senior most job group. The lowest paid civil servant in Kenya takes home Ksh11,553 per month and they are mostly people with certificate qualifications.

The table below shows the salary scales of civil servants in Kenya: 

C5 ( Group N )64,91981,148
C4 ( Group M ) 54,53268,165
C3 ( Group L )44,98956,326
C2 ( Group K )36,44147,373
C1 ( Group J ) 28,97039,110
B5 ( Group H )23,17628,970
B4 ( Group G ) 19,85924,823
B3 ( Group F ) 16,7720,972
B2 ( Group E )14,00717,508
B1 ( Group A- D )11,55314,442

Teachers job groups and salary scales in Kenya

The highest paid teacher is the Chief Principal who earns Ksh 200,928 per month while the lowest paid teacher pockets Ksh 25,692 per month—P1 teachers are the lowest paid teachers in Kenya.

Civil Service Job GroupTeachers in Kenya
TSC Basic Salaryteachers in Kenya Common AllowancesGross Salary
HATS IV19,32324,6625,0004,00028,32333,662
JGAT III24,66229,9186,0004,00034,66239,918
KGAT II31,02041,59010,0005,00046,02056,590
LGAT I35,91045,88020,0006,00061,91071,880
MSenior GAT41,59055,84020,0008,00069,59083,840
NPrincipal GAT II48,19065,29024,0008,00080,19097,290
PPrincipal GAT I77,527103,89440,00012,000129,527155,894
QSenior Principal89,748120,27040,00014,000143,748174,270
RChief Principal109,089144,92840,00016,000165,089200,928
  • Police Officers salary in Kenya

The table below shows the salary scales for police officers in Kenya. It’s evident that the salaries of police officers have improved over time, they now earn more than most teachers and civil servants.

Kenya Police Rankpay Per MonthTotal Per Year
Senior assistant inspector general274,8903,298,680
Assistant inspector general187,8902,254,680
Commissioner of police130,5901,567,080
Senior superintendent85,8901,030,680
Assistant superintendent70,530846,360
Chief inspector59,220710,640
Inspector of police53,820645,840
Senior sergeant50,220602,640
Constable/ Fresh Graduate32,880394,560

Here are the salaries for senior government employees in Kenya:

 Monthly Salary(Ksh)

President                                                  1,750,000

Deputy President                                    1,487,500

Speaker of the National Assembly       1,400,000

Chief Justice                                           1,380,351

Speaker of the Senate                              1,375,439

Cabinet Secretary                                    1,120,000

Chief of Defence Forces                           1,120,000

County Governor                                    1,111,673

Deputy Speaker of the Senate                 1,107,509

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly 1,107,509

Deputy Chief Justice                                  1,099,182

Attorney General                                         1,095,019

Auditor General                                           1,082,528

Judge of the Supreme Court                      1,082,528

Chairman,IEBC                                             1,082,528

Chairman,CIC                                                1,082,528

Secretary to the Cabinet                               927,500

Vice Chief of the Defence Forces                927,500

County Governor                                      1,111,673

Commander,Kenya Army                             923,919

Inspector General Police Service                 920,338

Judge of the Court of Appeal                        920,338

Director General (NIS)                                   916,757

Principal Secretary                                       909,595

Commander Kenya Airforce                          906,014

Commander Kenya Navy                               902,432

Director of Public Prosecution                      902,432

Controller of Budget                                       895,270

Vice Chair,CIC                                                 895,270

Vice Chair,IEBC                                               895,270

Chair,Teachers Service Commission           750,000

Member of National Assembly (MP)           740,927

Member of the Senate(Senator)                   740,927

Deputy Governor                                             728,831

Member of County Assembly (MCA)           157,574

Speaker County Assembly                              283,500

The more senior you are,the more you earn.The president is the highest paid government official in Kenya with a monthly salary of more than Ksh 1.7 million followed by the Deputy President of Kenya.