Is a Degree in Fisheries Marketable in Kenya



A degree in Fisheries is offered at Moi University and is one degree that can make you desperate after graduation. More than 50 % of graduates in fisheries end up being jobless or doing unrelated jobs after failing to secure employment. The course is not as marketable as courses like Statistics and bachelor of commerce.

If you find yourself pursuing a degree in fisheries the best thing to do is enroll for a professional course in accounting or finance or simply enroll for masters immediately you complete undergraduate course.

Pursuing a professional course in ACCA,CPA,CFA,CS,CIFA or any other course will ensure you diversify your skills that can land you a job in the banking sector or any other sector where accountants and financial experts are wanted.

The beauty of the job market in Kenya is that the degree you pursued in undergraduate does not matter to some employers. Several employers only consider the grade you scored in college and the professional course you pursue. With a degree in fisheries you can find yourself working in a bank as a graduate clerk or working as an accountant or auditor in a leading audit firm like PWC.You can also be employed at KRA as a graduate trainee.

If you manage to advance your studies to masters or PhD level chances are that you will become a lecturer.