Number of Qualified Actuaries in Kenya



Actuarial Science is one of the hardest courses to study at professional level. That alone makes it hard for Actuarial science students to enroll for the prestigious professional courses.

Up to now Kenya has less than 100 qualified actuaries but more than 3,000 graduate from local and foreign universities.

What makes it hard for Kenyans to complete the over 13 papers offered by the Society of Actuaries is lack of time to concentration on the detailed content of the papers. Most students end up pursuing one or two papers and leave it there after realizing the journey is not smooth.

The companies that employ qualified actuaries include Insurance Regulatory Authority,Retirement Benefits Authority,Britam Insurance,CIC Insurance, Jubilee Insurance, Alexander Forbes and CFC Insurance.

The average salary of a qualified actuary in Kenya is Ksh 500,000.