Does A Degree You Study in College Contribute To Your Success in Life.Which careers can make you rich?



A degree course you study in college/university contributes immensely to the quality of life you would have afterwards. Some degree courses will automatically make you an average citizen while others will open several attractive opportunities even beyond your country.

According to analysts, some careers could land you a low paying job, thus crushing your dreams of becoming successful in terms of financial muscles. Such careers, which most students are discouraged from pursuing include agriculture related programs, education related programs, mathematics related programs, and customer care related courses.

In USA,UK and Australia, the average salary of professionals in these careers don’t exceed $80,000 per annum,which is heart breaking. In Africa, where agriculture contributes immensely to the growth of many economies, salaries for agriculture professionals don’t exceed $50,000 per annum.

A career in education is good but not good enough for people who want to make quick cash. This profession, though noble, has condemned millions of people to poverty due to low salaries attached to those in teaching career.

The worst career is a degree in front office/customer care services. This degree, in USA pays not more than $70,000 per annum.It doesn’t matter which grade you are or the amount of work you are assigned, as long as your work is this,you will earn peanuts.

Some of the careers which will automatically make you rich include:



Oil and gas courses

Engineering courses

Real estate courses

Business related courses

Actuarial science

Aviation related courses

Computer related courses

If you happen to pursue any of the courses listed above, chances are that you will be rich. In USA, for instance, a pilot earns annual salary of $80,000-$120,000 while a doctor pockets annual salary of $ 84-$120,000 while individuals working at popular law firms as lawyers earn not more than $75,000 per annum.

What is unique about these careers is that most people prefer employing themselves, unlike a degree on education where you are under the mercies of your employer.

A course like Actuarial science is a hot cake in UK, Japan and USA, where insurance products are in high demand. Once you complete your professional certification and a degree course, money will start trickling in, which translates to wealth. Several companies, mostly insurance companies, require the services of professional actuaries, and the salary they pay these people is crazy. As of 2017, the annual salary of an Actuary in USA is $90,000-$130,000.

Finally, as you plan to set your foot in college, know that some courses may land you a well-paying job while others will automatically make you an average citizen,