Highest Paid Radio Presenters in Uganda


Gaetano Kaggwa will earn shs3.5 million a month at his new job at Capital Radio. This is after the Big Brother Africa star joined Capital as Alex Ndaula’s replacement on the Over Drive show.

Following his appointment, it got us think; where does he rank in the radio salary scale. While he was still at Capital FM (before joining BBC) Allan Kasujja was the highest paid radio presenter in Uganda, earning a gross salary of Shs5.6 million every month.

Radio legend Alex Ndaula- despite the apparent demotion, will still earn Shs4.5 million gross, at least for the time being.

Seanice Kacungira has been the highest paid at Sanyu FM at Shs2 million. She left last week. Fat Boy earns Shs1.6 million.

Notably radio veteran and journeyman Roger Mugisha now with KFM earns Shs2.7 million.

Lately advertising revenue for most stations has tremendously gone down with some stations operating in losses.

Capital FM alone, one of the most lucrative radio stations in Uganda, has seen its advertising revenue go to Shs180 million a month down from Shs350 million. This downward spiral is mainly due to the global economic crisis biting potential advertising companies.

The monthly cost of running an average station in Uganda is between Shs60 million to Shs70 million a month. Yet not many stations can make this amount in a month.

Some even struggle to realize it in a year. No wonder most radio stations are on sale lately. The likes of Jazz FM owned by pastor Martin Sempa are on sale.

A List of Presenters’ Gross Salaries (in Shs)


Roger Mugisha (2.7M)

Freddie Sankura(1.1M)

Malcolm (0.9M)


RS Elvis Kalema (2.3M)

Irene Ochwo (2.5M)


Jackie Lumbasi (1.5M)

Flavia Tumusiime (1.3M)

Alex Ndawula (4.5M)

Rahma Mbabazi (Lucky) (1.7M)


Bina Baby (1.4M)

Rachel Namwanje (1.5M)

Prossy Patra (1.1M)

kasuku (1.5M)

Walden (0.6M)

Mayende (0.9M)


Katongole Omutongole (2.5M)

Kasadha (1.5M)

Kalibatanya (1.2M)

Rebecca Jjingo (1.5M)

Kabogoza (1M)

Professor Walusimbi (0.9M)


Kato Lubwama (2.1M)

Abu Kawenja (1.7M)

Abbey Mukiibi (2.8M)

Henry Mpinga (1.5M)

Titie Tabel(1.1M)

Anne Sebunya (0.9M)

Meddie Nsereko (2M)

Patricko Mujuka (1.5M)

Sheila Nvannungi (1.4M)

Kayibanda (1.1M)


Bwanika Sensuwa (1M)

Francis Kyeyune (1.2M)

Stuart Mutebi (1.9M)

Rasta Rob (2.5M)


Seanice Kacungira (2M)

Fat Boy (1.6M)

Crystal Newman (1.4M)


McKenzie (1M)

Hakeem (1M)


Bush Baby at XFM (2.5M)

Omulangira Ndausi at Simba FM (2M)

Source: Xclusive