Top 10 Universities To Study MBA and Business Courses in Uganda



When you want to earn attractive salary, secure employment at a prestigious university and rise within the ranks of employment, you must study at a popular university. In Uganda, MBA and business courses are popular, and due to cut throat competition for few jobs, an individual must study at any of the following universities, I will tell you why

  1. Makerere University
  2. Ndejje University
  3. Mbarara University of Science and Technology
  4. Uganda Christian University
  5. Kampala International University
  6. Kyambogo University
  7. Uganda Technology and Management University
  8. Uganda Martyrs University
  9. Victoria University
  10. International University of East Africa

Makerere University is the best university to enroll for masters in business administration. This university is ranked top in Uganda and among the best in Africa. Obtaining a degree in business related course at Makerere will give you an upper hand over other universities. Also, MBA graduates from this university have a good reputation out here.

Other universities to enroll for MBA include Mbarara,Uganda Christian University and Kyambogo university.

The main advantage of studying at any of the listed universities is that you will not find it hard to secure employment anywhere in Uganda. You will also get a scholarship with ease to countries like USA, UK,Australia ,German and Canada.