Easiest University Courses to study in Uganda



There are over 500 university courses you can study in Uganda, but some of them are hard. Since some students prefer to study easy courses, it is wise to guide you on the best courses you can do without much struggle.

As you are aware, science and engineering courses are hard for people who are not gifted in that area. Also, medical related courses can be challenging.The only areas that are friendlier to most students include business and arts courses.

We provide the list of the best courses you can study in Uganda without much struggle


Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Management

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of Marketing

Bachelor of tourism and Hotel Management

Bachelor of Public Relations

Bachelor of Psychology and Counselling

Bachelor of Criminology and Forensic Science

Bachelor of International Relations

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Education Arts

Bachelor of Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Mass Communication

Customer Care and Front Office

The easiest course among the listed program is bachelor of tourism and hotel management, followed by customer care and front office.