The highest paying engineering degree courses in Uganda


There are over 20 engineering degree courses in Uganda, which are well paying. But there are unique courses which pay better than others, we can say they are the highest paying.

It is good to have such information especially if you are intending to join college for a course in engineering-it’s helpful

Let’s start with the lowest paying engineering courses: such courses are found in agriculture sector. If you make a mistake of pursuing agriculture engineering or water engineering, chances are that you will earn even less than Ush 500,000 per month.

When it comes to highest paying engineering courses, oil and gas engineering is the best. This course pays up to Ush 20 million per month for people who are lucky to work for oil and gas companies.

Another well-paying engineering course is electrical engineering. Though it’s highly competitive, there are many opportunities for professionals in this category.

Lastly, civil engineering is also a well-paying career, only that you must accumulate substantial amount of experience to start earning significant salary.