Worst paying careers in Tanzania



We know the best paying career, and of course you are interested to know the worst paying careers in Tanzania. Today we have sampled some of the worst jobs in the country in terms of employment risks, poor salaries and high level of unemployment.

We all go to school so that we can get a job to keep our lives going, but nobody would want to be subjected to poor working environement.Below we discuss some of the worst paying jobs in Tanzania

Security officer

Security officers are among the worst paid employees in the country. To make matters worse, they work almost 24 hours.

Apart from renumeration and long working hours, these people don’t easily get salary increment.


Watchmen are people who take care of people’s gates and properties. This work is highly demanding and also risky. The pay is also extremely low.

A watchman can earn as low as Tsh 20,000 per month.


Teachers can wear suits, afford a smile and even walk shoulder high but we know they are not a happy lot in regards to salaries. If there are people who are underpaid, then teachers must be counted in.

Maid/House help

The worst job you can do in Tanzania is to be a house help/maid. This job is very demanding, furthermore, the salary being paid is not even enough to buy shoes.

The salary of a maid in Tanzania is Tsh 20,000-Tsh 40,000.Is this what we call salary? Really?

Sales executive

Sales executives, especially those working with insurance companies are not happy. These people work under intense pressure but at the end of the month they walk home with almost nothing.


It’s hard to find a waiter smiling in Tanzania. Their bosses put them under intense pressure, almost all the time. Tears are what can describe their daily routine.

It is challenging to be a waiter in Tanzania

Supermarket attendants

Can you imagine standing for 12 hours monitoring customers and ensuring they don’t steal. This job is indeed demeaning.