How many subscribers do you need to get paid on YouTube in Kenya?


You need at least 1,000 subscribers to get paid on YouTube in Kenya. There are 4 golden rules you should comply before starting to earn money from YouTube;

  1. Your videos should be original
  2. Your channel should have at least 1,000 subscribers
  3. The channel should be 12 months old to get approved by AdSense
  4. Your videos must garner over 4,000 watch time hours

If you fail to meet one of these conditions, your channel won’t be approved for monetization. Generally, YouTubers make money through AdSense because it’s the easiest way of making money online through videos.

To get 1,000 subscribers, promote your channel through WhatsApp and Social media. But first, ensure that your videos are of high quality before asking your social media followers to subscribe to your channel. Use the right keywords that will get organic traffic in case you don’t have enough subscribers.

As a YouTuber, the amount of money to earn is limitless—it’s you to determine how much to earn. For 1,000 subscribers, you’ll get at least 100 views in every video you post. For every 1,000 views, you’ll earn at least Ksh100.The number of subscribers you need in order to generate decent income is 100,000 and above. Note that YouTube does not pay based on the number of subscribers but based on number of views. If your RPM is $1 it means you are earning $1 per 1000 views or in other words Ksh110 per 1000 views.