How much does it cost to start a blog in Nigeria


The cost of starting a blog in Nigeria ranges between $50 and $100.Most of the budget goes to Web hosting services. There are many web hosting companies in Nigeria for new blogs but I would recommend Bluehost because it even provides a WordPress template and free domain registration services.

When you want to start a blog, there are things you should first figure out, like the name of the blog, web hosting services and how to make money through your blog. You know, there’s no way you can run a successful blog minus income.Luckly, in this article we shall list ways of making money online in Nigeria through your blog.

A blog contains these components:

  • Domain name(free)
  • Web Hosting plan($2.95 per month)
  • WordPress theme(free)

Blogging starts from domain registration. At Bluehost, this is how to register a domain:

Visit Bluehost website,click here to visit the website

On the website, select domains and enter the name of the domain you wish to register and do a search. Make sure the domain name is available before registering it.

After identifying the domain name, go to Hosting and select Shared Hosting.For a new blog, choose Basic Hosting plan which is not costly—the normal price for this plan is $2.95 per month. Proceed and enter the domain you wanted to register. The last step is to make the payment. Payment is done annually or after three years. If you decide to pay annually, the amount is less than $50.Visit Bluehost here for payment

After paying, you’ll be given access to you cPanel.That’s where you’re required to install WordPress.

For the start, you will use a free WordPress theme but after sometime upgrade to Premium themes.Most Nigerian bloggers use Premium Themes from ThemeForest and the most popular theme is Newspaper. The theme costs $59 only.To get the theme,click here to visit ThemeForest

How Nigerian bloggers make money through their blog

The best way to make money is through AdSense. Immediately the blog is live,post at least 20 blog posts and wait until the blog is at least 3 months old and apply for AdSense.

You will also make money through sponsored articles, affiliate marketing or direct banner ads. Other bloggers make money through MGID which is the best AdSense alternative. To apply for MGID,follow this link

If AdSense approves your blog,know that you’re in the process of becoming a successful blogger. With 1 million views, you’ll earn more than $1,500 per month.