How much Money can a blogger make per month in Zambia


A blogger makes on average $500 per month in Zambia. But there are a couple of bloggers making more than $5,000 every month. Nearly all bloggers in Zambia make money through AdSense. We use AdSense to measure the amount of money bloggers can make in the country.

The Cost per Click in Zambia ranges between $0.02 and $0.10.More than 50% of bloggers get less than 500,000 visitors per month.This means that they earn below $1000 per month.

Bloggers getting 100,000 visitors earn $150 every month while those pulling in 1 million visitors make over $1500 per month.

With 1,000 views, a blogger makes $1 in Zambia. If a blog gets 10,000 views, AdSense pays $10 for the traffic.

A new blog takes at least 3 months to start generating income from AdSense. Only the consistent bloggers manage to earn decent income in Zambia.

Good traffic in Zambia start from 300,000 visitors per month. With this amount of traffic, you’re sure of earning $300 and above every month, which is enough to pay your bills.

Realistically, you’ll be making $400 on average every month in Zambia as a blogger.

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