How much traffic do you need to make $100 000 with Google AdSense?


You need a total of 25 million monthly page views to make $100,000 with AdSense. For every 1 million page views, you’ll earn $4000 and for 10 million page views, you’ll earn $40,000.

But the income also varies depending on your niche and the geographical regions the traffic comes from. In this case, we are assuming that traffic is from USA, Canada, UK, Australia or Germany because that’s where income from AdSense high.

Google pay’s publishers 68% of the total income generated, meaning that if they make $100 from 10000 views, they’ll pay publishers $68.

With a website that receive over 60% of traffic from organic searches, every 1,000 visitors generate 20 clicks. If each click has a CPC of $0.20, it means for every 1000 visitors, you’ll make $4

10,000 visitors=$40

100,000 visitors=$400

1 million visitors=$4000

10 million visitors=$40000

20 million visitors=$80000

25 million visitors=$100000

Traffic from 25 million to 50 million will generate $100000.But it’s not easy to generate this traffic, a lot of efforts but be made.

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