How to earn in blogging in Philippines


There are many ways bloggers earn money in Philippines. Blogging is becoming one of the best ways graduates and non-graduates generate passive income. From the comfort of your home, you’ll earn upwards of $1,000 through blogging.

From my own point of view, blogging needs passion, determination and strategy in order to earn decent income from it.With so much focus on good content, you’ll certainly generate your desired income.

First, let me take you through steps to follow when creating your own blog in Philippines:

Register a domain names

Register a domain name which should be unique. Take time to come up with a name that will possibly become a big brand in the near future. Luckily, Bluehost is running a promotion where they are offering free domain registration. To register your domain name,click on this link to visit Bluehost

Go to Bluehost, select Domains and search for your preferred domain name. The best domain name to register should have an extension of .com or .ph.

Web Hosting plan

Since you are starting a new blog, shared hosting is the most ideal package for you.Basic plan from Bluehost that costs $2.95 per month will be the best. Select Hosting and go straight to Shared Hosting, then Basic Hosting.To select Shared Hosting plan,follow this link to visit Bluehost website

Create a WordPress Website

At Bluehost, you’ll get access to your cPanel.That’s where you will link WordPress with your domain. Download WordPress and Install it in your cPanel.

Start posting content

As a blogger, you’ll only earn money when you start posting content. Good content is what is needed of any blogger.

How bloggers make money in Philippines

Our main topic was on how bloggers make money in Philippines. There are more than 10 ways of generating money but I will focus on those methods that will generate income faster.

  • AdSense

AdSense is the main source of income for more than 95% of bloggers in Philippines. There is no barrier to anyone as long as you own a blog. Make sure your articles are original, long enough (more than 500 words each) and should be helpful to your audience. Use original images and avoid adult content. Once you post more than 20 high quality articles, apply to monetize with AdSense.

The AdSense RPM in Philippines range between $0.20 and $2.The cost per click is $0.05.Out of 1,000 views, you’ll earn more than $1.With 1 million page views, AdSense will generate over $1,500.

  • AdSense alternatives

Bloggers earn through several AdSense alternatives. When you apply for AdSense, it’s not obvious that your account will be approved—In fact, more than 50% of the applications are rejected.MGID is one of the best AdSense alternatives. In case your account is rejected, shift to AdSense alternatives like MGID, they’ll readily accept your application. To make your application.Click on this link

  • Affiliate marketing

If you check the list of richest bloggers in the world, you’ll notice that all of them are making money through affiliate marketing. Companies pay affiliate marketers commissions when they successfully make a sale.

You should advertise products based on your niche. The most profitable affiliate niches include: Web Hosting, ecommerce and Sports.

  • Sponsored posts

Well established bloggers generate income through sponsored posts. These are articles with do-follow or non-follow links which are posted on one’s blog to advertise another company. They are mostly posted on authority blogs.

Sponsored posts pay $50 to $500 per post.A blogger can survive on sponsored posts only because some of them get up to 10 articles per month—imagine earning $1000 every month from sponsored content!

  • Direct Banners

Bloggers with viral websites are capable of getting stand-alone banners—a lot of them. As a blogger, when you reach this stage (of getting direct banners), know that you have made it in life. It’s not easy to get stand-alone banners unless your content is so convincing to advertisers. Charges for each banner ranges from $500 to $5,000 monthly.

  • Web design services

As you blog, you can also offer web design services to other bloggers and corporates. By default, bloggers know how to design websites even if they didn’t pursue a course on the same.

I have seen a number of bloggers do web design, some of them charging as high as $500 to design a single blog.

  • Developing and selling of websites

It’s not a must to own a blog, you can create many blogs, develop them and sell to other bloggers at a profit. I also do this business and it has been very profitable to me.Since 2011 I have sold over 30 blogs. One of them generated for me $20, 000, it was getting 300,000 monthly visitors—I sold it to an experienced blogger who didn’t want to start a blog from scratch.

  • Provide web hosting services

Another good business for bloggers is web hosting. Buy Reseller or Dedicated Server plans and start offering hosting services to other bloggers.Bluehost will sell a plan for $3,000 per year, you can use the same space and host 200 clients, each paying $100 annually. Dedicated Server plans are the best.

  • Selling their own products

You can create your own blog and sell products like shoes, electronics, smartphones or courses. Some bloggers sell even reading materials for popular courses like CFA, CPA and ACCA.

Other bloggers offer training on SEO.This is one topic that’s of interest to new bloggers because everyone wants their blog to become popular.

  • Become social media influencer

Own social media pages and start offering space for advertisement. But you should ensure that the pages are popular enough to attract advertisers. The good thing of being an influencer is that you’ll be supplementing income from your blogs.

How much money can you earn as a blogger in Philippines?

For the first one year you may not earn much—you can even earn zero, but as you continue adding more content, the income start growing. Expect to earn the following amount of money:

1-6 months–$100 monthly

1 year–$200 monthly

2 years—$300 to $1000 months

3 year—$500 to $3000 monthly

4-10 year—over $1000 monthly