How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything


Everyone would like to start making money online without paying anything. There are many companies and individuals who will ask you to pay some money before you start making money, some of them are scammers and should be avoided.

Here are genuine ways to make money online without paying anything:

  • Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube does not ask you for any money to join them, you just create a YouTube channel, get subscribers and start making money online. YouTubers earn money through AdSense, they are not required to pay subscription fee because approval is free.

For you to start earning money, you have to create a YouTube channel, get at least 1,000 subscribers and over 4,000 hours of watch time. Your channels should also be more than 12 months old. AdSense will approve your application if the videos are original and none has violated AdSense policies.

YouTube will pay from $1.5 per 1,000 views.

From the process of creating a channel up to being approved by AdSense, nowhere you are required to pay anything.

  • Become an influencer online

Being an influencer will generate money for you on regular basis, but you have to ensure that you engage your followers accordingly. Creating social media pages is free, growing them is free and earning money is also free. However, your pages must be having millions of followers before they start attracting advertisers.

The first step is to create pages on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and LinkedIn, then post interesting content for your followers. The hardest part is to get your first 1,000 followers. At some point, your pages will start getting organic followers.

With over 1 million followers on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll earn at least $1,000 per sponsored post.

  • Earn from AdSense

Registering for AdSense is absolutely free—the platform does not charge any money. But for you to start earning money from it, you must have own a YouTube channel or an active blog. YouTube channel is free to join but to come up with a profitable blog, you need a domain name, high quality website and a WordPress theme.

Bluehost will register a domain for you and offer web hosting services,click on this link to visit the hosting company for hosting services.

When the website is live, make sure you do the following before applying for AdSense:

–All your posts should be original and unique

–You should avoid adult or gambling content

—Your blog should have high level domain,click here to register one

 —You should not use copyrighted photos in your blog posts

—-Your blog should be more than 2 weeks old before applying for AdSense.

Immediately AdSense approves your application, you’ll login to the dashboard and copy paste a link to your site. You will then start earning money forever. There is no single day you’ll pay AdSense any money.

  • Sell products on Facebook and Instagram

Creating Facebook and Instagram will not cost you any money but eventually, you will start earning money when your followers buy your items. Clothes, shoes, smartphones, televisions, duvet and bedsheets are some of the best items to sell on Facebook.

You will spend nothing to create the pages, you will also not spend any money to earn from the pages unless you opt to sponsor your posts.

  • Join Fiverr and start making money online

Fiverr allows you to register, submit your credentials and start earning money online. The company has a wide range of tasks you can perform and get paid. Some of the tasks you can do include: web design, academic writing, data entry, translation, resume writing and many more. You will not be charged any money for joining Fiverr

Fiverr identifies the best candidates from the profiles submitted and gives them responsibilities, once they complete, the company pays them through Wire Transfer or PayPal.

  • Do affiliate marketing

None of the available affiliate marketing programs will require anyone to pay money for them to start making money online—joining is free as long as you possess a platform where you’ll market the products. But to succeed in affiliate marketing, you have to own a niche blog.

Affiliate marketing is so far the best way to earn money online. If you join Amazon or Bluehost and your blog manages over 1 million visitors per month, your income will go past $10,000.

Affiliate programs pay commissions to marketers, most of them have minimum payment threshold. But with niche blogs, surpassing the thresholds is not a big deal.

I have one affiliate program for Web Hosting niche blogs, that’s A2 Hosting. If you feel like making money from the company,click on this link to join the program

To become successful in affiliate marketing, review products for companies and provide affiliate links within the articles—people easily click on the links than banners.

  • Offer paid surveys

Another way of making money online without paying anything is by participating in paid surveys. A number of companies nowadays prefer online surveys because they are cheap, convenient, fast and easy to conduct. Hundreds of online survey companies have emerged to offer surveys for, service industry consumer goods companies. If you register with those companies, they will pay you every time you participate in a survey.

Here is a list of some of the free to join survey companies:

  1. Survey Monkey
  2. InboxDollars.
  3. Swagbucks.
  4. LifePoints.
  5. Vindale Research.
  6. Branded Surveys.
  7. MyPoints.
  8. Pinecone Research.

Join any of them and complete any task you are given, they will pay you through mobile money transfer, PayPal or Wire Transfer.

  • Offer article writing services

Joining article writing companies is free, you don’t pay anything. Those companies give you duties to perform, such as writing academic papers for university students for pay. Some of them have signed contracts with SEO companies which submit a list of articles to be written, they then inform subscribers to write those articles to get paid. A number of article writing companies pay in terms of total work completed while others pay based on the total pages completed.

Some of the leading article writing companies include:

  1. ClearVoice
  2. Textbroker
  3. Contently
  4. WriterAccess
  5. NewsCred
  6. Skyword
  7. iWriter
  8. Become a Freelancer
  9. Online coaching

Some people would want to know how to cook, others how to lose weight. There are those with criminal cases which they want to win. Your advice will be of much help to these people based on your area of specialization. You don’t need any subscription fee for creating a YouTube channel and Facebook page which you will use to communicate with your clients. Those in need of your services, will make a payment before you provide them.

Right from creating of the social media accounts to the point of being paid, nobody will ask you to pay any money.

  • Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants help companies and individuals to perform duties online when time is limited. Here are some of the duties you can do as a Virtual Assistant:

  1. Replying to emails
  2. Managing social media pages of companies
  3. Creating content for companies
  4. Moderating Facebook comments
  5. Providing delivery services
  6. Reading and replying to emails

By doing Virtual Assistant duties, you could earn upwards of $10 per hour. Upwork is one of the companies that recruit Virtual Assistants.

  • Freelancing

Freelancing will help you work from home and make money online. You should first identify what you are good at, then look for available online opportunities for Freelancers. When opportunities emerge, they’ll send them on your email account. Once you finish the tasks, those companies pay through PayPal or wire Transfer.

You can freelance on data entry, data analysis, article writing, transcription and web design.

Here are some of the companies providing freelance services:

  1. Upwork
  3. Workana

None of the three Freelancing companies will charge you for being a member. If you’re just idle at home, register with all the available companies and wait for work to be submitted to you.

  • Data Analysis online consulting services

Statisticians, Actuaries, Economists and mathematicians are some of the professional offering the best data analysis services. If you have excellent skills in data analysis, create your own Facebook page and a professional website. University students and companies with issues to do with data analysis will consult you. You don’t have to meet your clients physically, those with data analysis jobs can submit them online and pay through PayPal, Mobile Money or Wire Transfer

Nobody will ask you to pay anything to start online data analysis consultancy services.

  • Sell academic notes online

Academic notes in areas like CPA, ACCA, CFA, CFE and CIFA will be hot cake. Create a website which you will use to sell the notes. Source the notes from people who are pursing the courses or institutions training students, then combine them and start promoting the services online. If someone makes orders online, send the notes once payment has been made.

  • Create an online game

Another online business you can start without paying anything is to create a game. Football, Rugby and Basketball are some of the game most people like playing online. Create an App which subscribers will pay before they start playing the games.

  • Guest Posting for your clients

Guest Posting has become common among bloggers. Some blogs will pay you once they realize that your work is good. All you need is to create useful posts and ask major blogs whether they are ready to pay for guest posting. At first they may require to see your work before they pay you. But as you gain experience, more blogs will come for your work.

I know a number of my friends who guest post even for major sites like BBC and are paid upwards of $30 per post.

  • Invest in Money Market Fund

If there is a company offering money market fund services, join them. The best thing about trading in money market is that the amount you invest is not lost—there are zero risks involved. For instance, if you invest $1,000, the money will attract interest rate of 1% every month. Most companies credit the interest to your bank account or mobile money account every month. You are also allowed to reinvest the amount and boost your interest.

Bonds are also good investment segments. If you invest in long term bonds, say 15 years, your money will almost double. Bonds do not incur any losses.

  • Invest in Bitcoins

Cryptocurrency will make you an overnight millionaire if you invest in genuine companies. There are scammers all over online, before you decide to invest your money in any of them, conduct thorough background check to determine whether the company is genuine.

Bitcoin business has enriched so many people and it’s one of the businesses that will take the world by storm especially at this time when lockdown is being implemented by many countries due to COVID-19

  • Offer online loans through Apps

In the modern world, most people are shunning bank loans for mobile lending Apps.Since money is nowadays sent through mobile phones, one can easily start a loaning company which operates online. Your loans will target a specific group of people who after utilizing it will repay with interest.

The most paramount thing is to identify a group of people who may not default. If you’re a blogger, target other bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

  • Drop Shipping

Create a website, an e-commerce site, identify the products you wish to sell and list them on your site. When a client makes an order through your site, contact the company selling the product to ship them. With Drop Shipping, you don’t have to own any product but you’ll run a successful website with regular clients. You will start the business without paying anything to anyone.

Identify products that are marketable such that when you display them on your website, people are able to make several orders within the shortest time possible.

  • Write for Medium

Join the affiliate section of medium and get paid by writing high quality articles that attract readers who can buy products on Medium. You will get paid once someone buys an item after reading your post.

  • Sell short courses on Udemy or Coursera

Another business you can do online and get paid is by selling course on Udemy or Coursera.Develop your own course and submit them to Udemy, when someone enrolls for it, you get paid. Udemy and Coursera have several affiliates who promote courses listed on the websites.

  • Publish ebooks on Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online store in the world, it provides opportunities for book publishers to make money online by allowing them to publish books on the website.

  • Sell photos and videos online

Selling photos online is big business. There are several companies which buy photos and videos from photographers online. Some of them are:

  1. Shutterstock
  2. SmugMug Pro
  3. iStockphoto

They pay you for every photo submitted on their website.