How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2020


Jobs are scarce in Nigeria, it’s who you know and not what you know that matter most but the main consolation for most graduates is the many available online jobs. There are various ways of making money online in Nigeria in the year 2020, some have been fully exploited while others are ripe for exploitation.

If you are a jobless graduate, it’s better you seek consolation online than continue seeking offline opportunities which are not forthcoming. This article is aimed at listing available online opportunities for graduates and those yet to graduate who are seeking viable sources of income.

  • Blogging

Blogging should always come to your mind first when you try to figure out what to do online. Over 10,000 Nigerians are currently working as bloggers ,with several earning over N1 million per month. The likes of Linda Ikeji started small, they are currently among the wealthiest bloggers in the world.

To become a blogger, you need your own website. First, register a domain name, then seek for reliable web hosting services. The two can be obtained from Bluehost for less than $60 per year,click on this link to visit Bluehost

Next is to create a website. If you don’t have skills of web design, you can contact Garanntor for web design services,click here to visit Garanntor website

I know Garanntor will install a free theme for your website, which will not be ideal for SEO purposes. When your website is ready, visit ThemeForest and acquire a premium WordPress theme,click on this link to visit the website

It will cost you approximately $200 to come up with your own blog.

How to make money from the blog

There are many ways of earning money from a blog in Nigeria but the most common one is through AdSense. AdSense approves even the newly created blogs as long as they don’t violate the company’s policies.

You should apply only after meeting these requirements:

–All your articles must have more than 500 words, at least 2 articles should contain 2,000 words

—You should use original images on your articles

—Your content should not include adult or gambling articles

—You should use high level domains

—Use Premium WordPress Template,click here to see examples

—Your website should contain more than 20 articles before applying

—All your articles should be original and unique. Websites with plagiarized content are not approved.

—Environment, real estate, agriculture, education and business niches have a better chance of being approved.

You will also make money through MGID.This one should be an alternative to AdSense. To apply for MGID,click on this link

The amount of money you’ll earn as a blogger depends on the traffic your site generates. If you will be monetizing with AdSense, here is the income to expect:

10,000 visitors—$20

50,000 visitors–$80

100,000 visitors–$150

300,000 visitors–$400

1 million visitors—$1,200

You should aim more than 1 million visitors for you to earn decent income from AdSense.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also popular among Nigerian bloggers. It’s one way of earning money online when you understand how marketing works. Even without a blog, you can still earn money through affiliate marketing.

Marketers are paid in terms of commissions. One of the most popular affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria is Jumia, which pays up to 13% of each sale you make.

Affiliate marketing works best for niche blogs. If one wants to market Jumia products, they have to create a blog that reviews electronic products and smartphones.

Below is a list of some of the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria:

  1. Jumia(Click here to sign up)
  2. 22Bet(Click here to join)
  3. Konga Affiliate Program.
  4. Web4Africa Affiliate Program.
  5. Wakanow Affiliate Program.
  6. WhoGoHost Affiliate Program.
  7. Travelstart Affiliate Program.
  8. Grammarly Affiliate Program.
  9. Aliexpress Affiliate Program
  10. Garanntor Affiliate Program

With affiliate program, you only earn when you make a sale—this is unlike AdSense which pays you even without anyone buying products through your website.

  • Become a YouTuber

Another available online opportunity for you is to become a YouTuber.Joining YouTube is free but it’s only meaningful for those able to create useful content for subscribers. Once you start a YouTube channel, the biggest challenge is to get subscribers. You will only gain more subscribers when your videos are good.

After getting 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 watch time, apply for AdSense. Your channel should be more than 1-year-old for it to get approved.

YouTube will pay you per 1,000 views. In Nigeria, every 1,000 visits generate at least $1. If you have 1 million views, AdSense will pay you above $1,000.

  • Sell betting tips

A couple of years ago, there were no serious betting companies in Nigeria, people were betting with Bet365, but nowadays betting has become so popular that even the rich have joined the game. Selling betting tips is a wonderful opportunity for you to make money online, but you should ensure that they are accurate.

Selling betting tips in Facebook will not be a good idea because you’ll be violating Facebook policies, we advise you to create a blog.Click here to register your own blog

You also need a good template to post free tips,Themeforest has several Sports templates ,some are provided for free,click here to visit Themeforest

  • Forex Trading

Forex Trading is one of the best for those with good analytic skills. It’s also ideal for someone who understands how currencies and international trade works. With a capital of N300,000, you’ll comfortably start trading in Forex. Currently, over 10,000 Nigerians are actively trading in Forex.

You can make upwards of N1 million every month from Forex Trading.

  • Provide data analysis to university students and research companies

Majority of university students can only work on theory but not to analyze data. When it comes to doing project work, they get stuck. If you understand excel, Stata, SPSS or any other statistics package, this is an area you can exploit and make a lot of money online.

You will charge as high as N300,000 per analysis.

  • Academic writing

Academic writing jobs are plenty in Nigeria. People provide tasks for virtual assistants, data entry experts and data analysis to academic writing companies, the jobs are then given to Nigerians working online.

Here are some of the available academic writing companies in Nigeria:

  1. Upwork
  2. Uvocorp
  3. Thesis Mind
  4. Project Topics
  5. Project Writers
  6. AZ Research Consult

Submit your credentials to a couple of these companies and you will be given tasks to perform. Most of them pay based on the number of pages of work completed.

  • CV and Cover letter writing

Start a job portal where you advertise jobs for companies, you will also offer CV and cover letter writing services. Several companies will pay you to advertise on your blog.

There are many graduates who don’t know how to write a CV, those are the people to target.

  • Start an e-commerce company like Jumia

Jumia is one of the most popular online stores in Africa. Here in Nigeria, there is still opportunities for newcomers. To develop and e-commerce store, you require a capital of about $500.The hardest part is to create a website and popularize it.Register a domain name at Bluehost for $11 only—you will also choose WooCommerce hosting plans from the same hosting company,follow this link to visit Bluehost

Don’t worry about the source of your products, just create a website. Once it’s ready, visit merchants and inform them to advertise their products on your website for free for some time, say 3 months, then start charging them.

  • Become an influencer on social media

Create Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages and make them popular. If you gain millions of followers and you get noticed, companies will start advertising on your pages. Instagram alone can generate over $2,000 per month if it will have millions of followers.

Almost all companies in Nigeria are advertising on social media, some of them prefer influencers because they understand that they’ll get value for their money.

  • Sell products on Facebook and Instagram

Instagram and Facebook are two social media platforms where you can easily sell product like clothes, bedsheets smartphones and electronics. You will only be successful if you assemble followers who are interested in the products. Sponsoring your posts by targeting relevant population will be the best way to make money on social media.

  • Drop shipping

Drop shipping is popular in western countries but it has also become noticeable in Nigeria. This is where you market a certain product in your blog and social media accounts and when someone makes an order, you contact the company selling it to ship to the buyer. You will be paid a commission once the product is purchased. This is just like affiliate marketing.

  • Provide HR consultancy Services for Nigerians aspiring to work abroad

There are many Nigerians who are aspiring to work in Dubai and Europe but they don’t know how to go about it. Places like Dubai have so many opportunities for Nigerians. Your work will be to connect Nigerians to companies in UAE and Europe which have available vacancies for Africans. Any Nigerian who wants to go abroad pays registration fee.

  • Start online taxi business like Uber

Taxi business in Nigeria is booming, but nowadays it’s done online. Buy a car, get a driver and start earning every month from Uber. Managing this king of business is extremely easy. Every month, you’ll be earning more than N200,000 from one vehicle.

  • Start mobile money lending App

Approach companies developing Apps and give them a job of developing mobile loan App which you will use to lend money to Nigerians.Those taking loans will be repaying with interest over a given period of time.

  • Sell e-books

Create a book and sell it online. Companies like Amazon and Jumia will give you a space where you display your book. If the content is useful, people will be buying the book online. For instance, you can create a book for recipe or one explaining how to make money online without paying anything. You can even write about best traditional drugs to take for each disease.

  • Provide professional services

Professionals like doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, chef, psychiatrists and physical fitness experts can provide services online for money. They should use YouTube, social media and blogs to advertise and showcase their skills.

  • DJ services

If you are a trained DJ, you can make money online on YouTube or Facebook. I have seen many DJs providing services on Facebook and getting paid through mobile money transfer. While entertaining your audience, you will also get people interested to learn how to be a DJ. Start training them and charge a fee.

  • Preaching

Start preaching on Facebook or YouTube and get paid by those who like your services. Nowadays you don’t have to own a physical church for you to make money, even Facebook is enough.

  • Provide SEO services for companies

There are companies which need SEO consultants and if you are good in online marketing, this is work you can do. Create a blog for online marketing where companies give you their login credentials for Facebook pages and your work will be to create content for them. You will also market their products on popular blogs.

  • Develop online courses

Some bloggers, especially those providing content to benefit other bloggers have developed their own courses. Those who need to learn something, like how to cook a certain meal, can buy your courses and utilize the content.

You can develop courses for university students who want to start businesses after school.

Become an online coach

You can coach on areas you are good at. For example, there are people who want to learn French but can’t get time to go to school. If you are good in French, advertise your skills online, those people will look for you. There are also people who want to lose weight but they fear to go to the gym, you can coach them online.

  • Develop websites for other bloggers and corporations

Every day, more than 2,000 websites are developed in Nigeria. This work can be done by anyone who has developed websites before. You don’t have to meet with clients, create a blog and social media pages where you advertise your services. I am certain that out of the 2,000 potential clients, at least 10 of them will approach you.

Opportunities for Nigerians are limitless, it’s upon you to choose the best one and run with it.

  • Develop and sell websites

Another opportunity for you is to develop and sell websites. This one is ideal for someone who has experience in blogging. Create a blog, start posting articles and when it’s popular, sell it.You will spend N10,000 to create a blog but sell it for N1 million in less than a year.

There are bloggers who like buying blogs which already have visitors. From my own experience, developing a new blog is hectic, it takes up to 2 years for a blog to start attracting visitors. It’s easier to buy a blog than to develop one.

  • Buy and sell domains

Another work you can do online is to buy and sell domains. Someone might be interested in a particular domain buy they find it’s being sold by you. If you buy it at N3,000, you’ll sell it for more than N300,000 if its demand is high.

  • Start a web hosting company

You can also make money online by hosting other bloggers. You don’t even need a license to come up with a web hosting ,you can buy reseller packages from companies like A2 Hosting,click here to see their plans

A2 Hosting will allow you to create cPanels for your new clients. In a month, you’ll make over N200,000 from a plan of $100.