I have received a message of error in Database connection on my blog, what should I do?


Last night, my website was working well but I woke up this morning to discover that it’s offline, and the message I received is that there is an error in database connection. I can’t login to my website or post any article. What should I do?


I had a similar problem in 2016 .When you get such an error, it means that your site is consuming more resources tan the allocated one. The error occurs when your site gets traffic spikes. A temporary solution is to contact your hosting company to remove the error. This solution may work for some time but the error will recur.

To get a permanent solution, change your hosting company. If traffic is from 100,000 to 1 million, I will suggest Bluehost.This is one that has servers which can sustain the traffic. To learn about Bluehost features, plans and pricing,click here to visit the company’s website

You will either join Shared Hosting, VPS, WordPress or Dedicated Server environment. Bluehost won’t disappoint you.

For traffic which is from 1 million and above, I recommend Kinsta.This is the one hosting my 10 websites. Even if your site gets over 10 million visitors per day,it won’t go down.Kinsta will charge you as low as $30 per month—it’s the best Managed WordPress Hosting. To learn more about Kinsta,follow this link

After moving to those hosting companies,the issue of error in database connection will be a thing of the past.