IGCSE Schools in South Africa


IGCSE is the British systems which is taught by a number of international schools in South Africa. If a student wants to enroll for a good university in UK,this system is ideal for them. In this article, we shall list all the international schools in the country that offer IGCSE training.

  1. Cambridge International

Website link: https://www.cambridgeinternational.org

Cambridge IGCSE was first examined in June 1988 (introduced for first teaching in September 1986). At the same time the GCSE was introduced in the UK.

Cambridge IGCSE assessment takes place at the end of the course and can include written, oral, coursework and practical assessment. This broadens opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning, particularly when their first language is not English. In many subjects there is a choice between core and extended curricula, making Cambridge IGCSE suitable for a wide range of abilities.

Grades are benchmarked using eight internationally recognised grades, A* to G, which have clear guidelines to explain the standard of achievement for each grade.

Cambridge IGCSE examination sessions occur twice a year, in June and November. Results are issued in August and January.

Past papers with mark schemes for each subject are available for you to download, along with examiner reports from previous exam sessions, and specimen papers. To find them, go to the Cambridge IGCSE subjects page and choose your subject, or go to the Resource Centre.

Cambridge teachers can download a much wider selection of syllabus materials from our password protected School Support website

  1. Andrews Academy

Website link: http://www.andrewsacademy.co.za

Levels where IGCSE is taught:

Grade 8/9 – Foundation: Checkpoint 1, 2 & 3
Grade 10 – IGCSE Core Syllabus in all 5 – 7 subjects
Grade 11 – IGCSE Extended Syllabus in all 5 – 7 subjects (C symbol or higher)
Grade 12 – AS Level in 4 or 5 subjects (minimum of 4 if applying for exemption; D symbol or higher)
Grade 13 – A Level in 2 or 3 subjects (E Symbol or higher)

  1. South African College High School

Website link: https://sacshigh.org.za

IGCSE, AS and A levels

IGCSE, AS and A Level programmes at SACS offers boys enrichment and extension to their National Senior Certificate studies.  SACS is affiliated to Cambridge Assessment International Education, which administers the IGCSE, AS and A Level courses. Although these programmes do not replace the National Senior Certificate (NSC) at SACS, Universities in South Africa recognize the qualifications.

The International A Level is a 2 year course, running parallel to the UK school term times. At SACS the course is started in Grade 10 at the start of Term 3, with exams the following May-June. After this first year, learners obtain an AS Level in their chosen subject and have the choice of continuing for another year to obtain an A Level. In all subjects, the AS Level is worth 50% of the A Level mark.

For each subject, learners are expected to attend one 2 hour lesson per week and complete weekly homework tasks, in addition to re-visiting knowledge and skills learnt in lessons. The weekly lesson takes place at a time that is convenient for learners and staff, avoiding conflict with sporting and cultural commitments. Many lessons start after 5.30pm.

The IGCSE programme is run in a very similar way to our AS and A level programme. IGCSEs are international versions of the General Certificate for Secondary Education in the UK, a suite of qualifications for 16 year olds which are externally assessed. It is a 2 year course with terminal exams and builds a good foundation for AS and A levels, although learners do not have to have completed an IGCSE at SACS to start an AS level course.

We currently offer IGCSE Mathematics to Grade 8 and Grade 9 learners. The course starts during Term 3 of Grade 8 with exams in May / June of Grade 10. The course is delivered via one 90 minute lesson per week. Similar to AS and A levels, the lessons take place after sport and other extra-mural commitments, during the late afternoon or early evening. As with AS and A levels, the cost varies from year to year and currently it is R4500 per year.

To be invited onto the IGCSE Mathematics programme, boys who achieve 80% or higher in the Grade 8 June exam series are invited to attend an information evening to hear more about the programme with their parents / guardians. Following this parents / guardians and learners are invited to make an application. We hope to be able to offer more subjects at IGCSE level in the future.

  1. Distance Learning Academy

Website link: http://www.dlaint.co.za

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Once you have applied for admission, we will require the students:

  • Previous year school report.
  • Results of a recent standardized assessment (if available)
  • Certified copy of the student’s birth certificate or their ID book or Passport.

For entry into the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, it is advisable, that students should be completing or have completed the:

  • Equivalent of a South African Grade 9 certificate or
  • Cambridge Checkpoint.

For entry to AS level, it is advisable, that students should be completing or have completed either:

  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education or
  • have the equivalent of a South African Grade 11.
  1. International School of Cape Town

Website link: https://www.isct.co.za


Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds. The standards of Cambridge IGCSE are equivalent to the GCSE qualification in the UK.

ISCT prepares students for IGCSE over 18 months, starting in the beginning of Year 10 (January) and ending in June of Year 11. Students typically choose 8 subjects (of which English Language, Mathematics and a Second or Foreign Language are compulsory). Our subject groupings vary from year to year depending on student interest.

  1. The British Academy

Website link: http://britishacademy.co.za