International School of Uganda Fees Structure



Below is the fees structure for International School of Uganda



1 Registration Fee $250
2 Capital Levy $6,000

Non-refundable fee payable per student on registration

Capital Levy Fees are allocated to construction, other capital

expenditure and major maintenance projects

One time non-refundable fee payable by all students entering Grade 1 or above

3 Annual Tuition    
  Junior School Playgroup $4,950
    EC1-EC2 $6,200
    Kinder $17,000
    Grade 1-5 $18,500
  Senior School Grade 6-8 $21,500
    Grade 9 $21,900
    Grade 10 $22,500
    Grade 11-12 $26,300
4 Afternoon Supervision $1,130

Fees are charged on an annual basis

Tuition Fees cover educational expenses including tuition, textbooks, exercise books, general classroom stationery, local

field trips and some extra-curricular activities.

Playgroup and EC classes end at 12 noon. Afternoon supervision from 12 – 3pm is provided at an additional cost.

Playgroup and EC classes end at 12 noon.

Optional Afternoon supervision from 12 – 3pm is available at an additional cost.

5  Bus Fees 1 child $1,850 For students who use school bus service
  2 children $1,800 Charge is per child using the bus
  3 children $1,750  
  4 or more $1,700  


1    After School Activities                             Variable       The After School Activity programme offers a variety of optional

activities on a seasonal basis including some led by external

coaches/leaders and/or materials that involve an additional


  • Overnight Trips

Students in the grade levels specified below will be expected to participate in a curriculum integrated trip each year. Trips are out of Kampala for between 2 & 7 nights, depending on Grade Level, and costs vary accordingly. Student contributions are supplemented by partial ISU funding. Amounts below are indicative only based on 2016/17 costs

Exhibition Trip $80-$100 Grade 5
Week-without-walls $80-$500 Grades 6 to 9 and Grade 11

  • ISSEA/MUN and Other Out of Country Trips

ISSEA and MUN trips are partially subsidised by ISU, the cost per student varies depending on group size and destination. Estimated price range, $500 – $1800 per student


Contact the School Business Office on [email protected] for details of School Lunches, PE Kits and other school supplies

A Financial Assistance scheme is available to self-funding families who would not otherwise be able to afford the full cost of tuition fees and capital levy. For more information and details on how to apply go to


  • Currency: All Fees are charged in US Dollars (US$). Payments made in Uganda Shillings will be converted to US$ at the prevailing daily rate. Please contact the Business Office for the appropriate rate before making a payment.
  • Payment Methods: Payment should be made by bank transfer or direct deposit to any of the school bank accounts listed below, or through the school business office by US$ cheque drawn on a Ugandan bank. An additional fee of $50 will be levied on US$ cheques not drawn on Barclays, Stanbic or Orient Banks.
  • Bank Details: Overseas Account
Account Name: International School of Uganda Ltd    
Bank Name: TD Bank      
Bank Address: 300 Delaware Avenue, Wilimington,    
  Delaware, 19801, USA      
ABA/Routing # For Wire Payments 031101266  
  For ACH Payments 054001725  
SWIFT Code: International payments NRTHUS33XXX  
Account Number: 04330582051      
4  Bank Details: Local Bank Accounts      
Account Name: International School of Uganda Account Name: International School of Uganda
  Ltd     Ltd
Bank Name: Barclays Bank Uganda Ltd   Bank Name: Stanbic Bank Uganda Ltd
Bank Address: Lubowa branch   Bank Address: Crested Towers branch
  PO Box 7101, Kampala     PO Box 7131, Kampala
Account Number: 061 600 101 3430   Account Number: 9030008013704

Please contact the school business office for details of Uganda Shilling bank accounts

  • Late Admissions: New Students enrolling after the start of the year will be charged fees on a quarterly basis.
  • Fee Refunds: School fees paid in advance are only refundable where at least four weeks advance notice of withdrawal is given. Refunds are calculated on a quarterly basis, no refund will be given where a student has attended for any of the quarter.

 Late Payment of Fees: All tuition and other fees are due by the payment deadlines in accordance with the payment plans detailed below. Requests for alternative payment plans must be approved by the Head of School and may be subject to additional finance charges. Late payments may incur a finance charge of 1% per month.

Please note that failure to make payment within 30 days of a payment deadline may result in the withdrawal of the student. School reports, transcripts and other documentation will be withheld if fee payments are not up to date in accordance with the selected payment plan. In addition students will not be permitted to participate in school sponsored overseas trips.


Payment Plans and Deadlines

ISU offers three different payment plans for Tuition and Bus Fees:-


    Plan A Plan B Plan C
    Annual Payment 2 Instalments 3 Instalments
      (Inclusive of Finance Charges)
Junior School Playgroup $4,950 $2,520 $1,690
  EC1-EC2 $6,200 $3,160 $2,120
  Afternoon Supervision $1,130 $580 $390
  Kinder $17,000 $8,670 $5,810
  Grade 1-5 $18,500 $9,440 $6,320
Senior School Grade 6-8 $21,500 $10,970 $7,350
  Grade 9 $21,900 $11,170 $7,480
  Grade 10 $22,500 $11,480 $7,690
  Grade 11-12 $26,300 $13,360 $8,950
Bus Fees: One Child $1,850 $935 $630
  Two Children $1,800 $920 $620
  Three Children $1,750 $890 $600
  Four Children $1,700 $870 $580


Deadlines:                                                           11 August 2017              11 August 2017              11 August 2017

5 January 2018               1 November 2017


1 February 2018

Capital Levy

The one-time capital levy fee is due with the annual fee or first instalment.

Families may apply to pay the capital levy in two instalments and defer the second instalment to the start of the next school year.