Internships at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation



Kuwait Petroleum Corporation offers internship opportunities for fresh graduates, university students and individuals who have interest in working in the oil industry.

In order to effectuate its mission to support and develop the educational process in Kuwait, which is part of the contributions of the KPC to the community service, the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation hosts every year a number of students belonging to the Kuwait University and the Applied Education Authority for field training within the corridors of the KPC and its various sectors in order to benefit from the KPC’s abundant experiences and learn about the latest methods and means used in the organization and implementation of work.

The main objective of the field training program for university students and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training is to provide an opportunity to train the students of practical training course in order to raise the scientific and professional skills and abilities of students, and to communicate with our students in the areas of work and work practices, and also for the purpose of preparing technical staff who combine the theoretical and applied thought in the area of specialization, as the training program for students includes special provisions for each specialty separately, which are provided to the Department of Planning and Career Development by the Academic authority on full compliance with the instructions given to students at the introductory meeting organized by the competencies and evaluation Systems Division regarding the labour laws in place in Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and in full  compliance with the health, safety and environment (HSE) instructions at the workplaces.

The Department of Planning and career development of KPC organizes a training program that covers all classes rather than it is confined to the summer period, which was applicable earlier, in order to facilitate the process of completing the number of units prescribed for graduation as soon as possible instead of waiting for the summer period to register for the field training course, as coordination is conducted with the departments concerned with training according to their capabilities in order to provide the specialized professionals to train students with the academic bodies, in the light of which the allowable number of our students is admitted.