Is a Certificate from Udemy Genuine?


Is a Certificate from Udemy Genuine?

“I am Jessica and I have a burning issue. I am planning to study for online courses and I have realized Udemy offers various certificates in IT, Business and other courses. Since I don’t want disappointments, I wish to know whether a certificate from this university is genuine”.


Without much, I would like to assure you that courses offered by Udemy are genuine and recognized by all institutions in the world. Regardless of which course you pursue, the certificate you will obtain from the university will be credible and worth landing anyone a well-paying job.

If you are interested to study for any course at Udemy,go on and register for it.You can use this link(Udemy courses).

Two years ago, another student posed the same question and after she enrolled, she came up with this testimony.

“I  have been jobless for 7 years. I decided to advance my skills and joined for Advanced PowerPoint course at Udemy. Immediately I completed, I applied for a Front Office Manager Job in an Insurance company. It took only two days to secure that job. Later after I asked one of the guys who was in the interview as a panelist, he told me I was saved by the certificate I had acquired from Udemy. Nowadays I always refer my friends to the institution”.