Is Applied Statistics Marketable in Kenya?


A question which many students ask is whether Applied Statistics is marketable in Kenya. The answer is yes. I am actually one of those people who studied Applied Statistics, I pursued the course at Maseno University and graduated in 2010.When Before I enrolled for the program, many people didn’t know what Applied Statistics was all about, but while actively pursuing the course, I was convinced that it was a marketable one since most of the graduates from our department got employed immediately they graduated.

Applied Statistics is diverse, it’s more superior to pure statistics. When pursuing the program, you can specialize in demography, Biostatistics, econometrics, Actuarial Science, Finance or Accounting. I used to see many course mates pursing CPA/CFA or ACCA alongside a degree in Applied Statistics.

I am glad that immediately I graduated, I got a job that paid me Ksh 20,000 per month. While working, I applied for another jobs,this time in an NGO and got it, my salary this time was Ksh 80,000 per month.I loved the job because it was flexible and friendly. By the time I was quitting—I resigned in 2018, my salary was Ksh200,000 per month.I actually quit to concentrate on blogging which is my passion. Since that time I have been blogging full time and I don’t regret my decision.

One thing you’ll love about statistics is that the profession has numerous opportunities and graduates are not as many as those from Bachelor of Commerce. Chances of getting employed are extremely high.

I always monitor those who graduate with a degree in Applied Statistics, most of them get employed 3-6 months after graduation.

Though Applied Statistics is a marketable course, the content of the program is hard. Most people graduate with a Second Class Lower Division. It’s because of those low grades that majority of them find it hard to secure employment. But with a Second Class Upper, it’s easy to get employed because almost every sector need a statistician/data analyst.

To make yourself more competitive, ensure that you pursue a professional course or advanced qualification like MSC Statistics. Some of the best courses to pursue include: Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management, CFA or Master in Applied Statistics.

Statistics needs someone good in mathematics. If you scored a B+ and above in KCSE,you can apply to join the program. It’s offered at Maseno University and JKUAT.