Is Blogging Lucrative in India


Blogging in India is a lucrative venture but only for those doing affiliate marketing and getting direct banner advertisements. On average, a blogger in India earns $1,000 per month. Though AdSense is the main source of income for most bloggers here, it’s not the best one because of the low cost per click rates. The most successful bloggers have shunned AdSense for affiliate marketing and direct marketing. For affiliate marketing, blogging is very lucrative. I know of a number of bloggers in India earning upwards of $10,000 every month by promoting products from companies like Bluehost(you can join Bluehost if you wish to promote its products,click here to register for the affiliate program)

It takes a blogger in India 3 years to break even.A blog which is less than 2 years will hardly generate decent income unless the owner is super dedicated into promoting it.Generally,the first year is to create content,the second year is for growth.Realistically,you can make between $0 and $2,000 per month during the first two years.

When it comes to AdSense, the word lucrative doesn’t apply because a blogger won’t make meaningful income from the platform. The Cost per Click for content from India is $0.0001 to $0.05, which is too low. This is why bloggers shift to affiliate marketing in order to boost their income.

Nearly every successful blogger in India sell products or venture into affiliate marketing.

Here is the amount of money some of the top bloggers in India earn:


From the figures above, you’ll notice that someone can live off blogging because it’s lucrative.

How much monthly traffic you need for you to become successful

Traffic matters a lot when it comes to making money online, if you don’t get traffic, you don’t earn. Even so, your marketing skills and language will also contribute to your level of success. The following amount of traffic is ideal for a successful blog:

10,000 monthly visitors–$10 to $1000

100,000 monthly visitors—$100 to $5000

500,000 monthly visitors—$300 to $10,000

1 million monthly visitors—$500 to $20,000

Over 1 million monthly visitors—Above $600 per month

The best thing about blogging is that when your site becomes viral, it attracts sponsored content and banner advertisements.

To create a blog in India, you need a capital of $100 to $500.One of the best web hosting companies for bloggers is Bluehost. If you have web hosting issues, shift to Bluehost and get the best services,click here to visit the company website