Kuwait Domestic Worker Salary



Kuwait is one of the countries in Middle East where domestic workers earn decent salaries.

Salaries for domestic workers in Kuwait are regulated, the lowest paid worker earns 60 Kuwaiti dinars ($198) a month. Even so, there are several workers who earn over KWD300 per month.

In Kuwait, most domestic workers come from India, Indonesia, Africa and other Asian countries. They are employed after signing agreement with their employers. In most cases, the agreement is signed between the employer and the worker in the presence of an agent.

Domestic workers are subjected to a weekly day off, 30 days of annual paid leave, a 12-hour working day with rest, and an end-of-service benefit of one month a year at the end of contract. During the annual leave, they are allowed to leave the country for their native homes.

What is more interesting is that majority of domestic workers are not educated, which is why their pay is low. There are, however, few who possess up to degree level qualification-these are the employees who attract better terms. For you to attract good pay, you must:

  1. Search for employment in major cities
  2. Work for dignitaries and rich business persons
  3. Negotiate with the employer before you sign the contract.
  4. Be educated

If you negotiate well, you will earn even double the set minimum wages.