Salary of Civil Engineers in Kenya



Civil engineers are among the highest paid professionals in Kenya. Their salaries fall in the class A category, implying that the starting salary of a fresh graduate is at least Ksh 120,000.

Research conducted across Civil Engineering firms, telecommunication companies, government institution, real estate and multinationals show that the average starting salary of a fresh civil engineer is Ksh 115,000.This salary is purely for individuals who possess zero professional work experience.

Multinationals like Chinese companies, iWay Africa,IBM etc pay Civil Engineers starting salary of Ksh 180,000.The ones with at least 5 years of professional experience earn Ksh 300,000-Ksh 600,000.

Government institutions pay fresh graduate civil engineers Ksh 120,000-Ksh 150, 000, while managers earn at least Ksh 250,000.

The highest paid civil engineer in Kenya, according to figures in our possession, earns Ksh 1.8 million.

Civil engineers who enjoy most are those having their own firms and are able to win tenders. We cannot reveal what they make, but it’s a lot.