List of best business Degree Programmes in Canada



Business degree programmes are the most popular and best courses in Canada. The programmes are offered by hundreds of universities across the country, where each year thousands of graduates are churned out.

Based on the job market dynamics and salary expectations, here is a list of best business courses in the country.

Bachelor of Finance

Bachelor of Finance is ranked the best business course and attracts thousands of students into universities in Canada annually. The program is popular because of the high salaries finance graduates are paid-it’s also one of the few programmes with its graduates joining the job market with hopes of securing managerial level few years later.

Bachelor of Accounting

Like Bachelor of Finance, Bachelor of Accounting is another programme that should come at least first in the list of your most preferred undergraduate course. Accountants are well renumerated in Canada and they enjoy what they do-which is why each year, universities in the country attract thousands of students wanting to pursue Bachelor if Accounting.

Bachelor of Business Information technology

Bachelor of Business Information Technology is a combination of business and IT topics. This mixture makes the program more attractive and saleable to employers.

Bachelor of Actuarial Science

Bachelor of Actuarial Science entails covering annuities, pension schemes, financial mathematics, statistics, and risk management. The both leans more towards business than statistics.

In Canada, if you manage to pursue Actuarial science degree and decorate it with actuarial certification, you will be among the best paid individuals in the country.

Bachelor of Financial Economics

Bachelor of Financial Economics also ranks among the best business related degree programmes in the country. The program is most appealing to individuals who are mathematically gifted and those who have the ambition of working in the banking sector as economists.

Bachelor of Money and Banking

Bachelor of money and Banking should also be considered as a one of the best business programmes in the country.The program attracts thousands of students into Canadian universities each year.