Highest Paying Jobs and Careers in Uganda



Uganda is one of the best countries to work in if you have the right qualifications. There are over 300 careers in Uganda, but not all of them are good for professional advancement. The best careers are few but well paying..and those are the once to be discussed below.


To be a pilot will draw some sweat from your body but the truth is, the course is highly rewarding. In Uganda, piloting is the only profession with the highest salary and job security.

A newly employed pilot in Uganda earns at least Ush 6 million while experienced pilot,who is a captain earns Ush 25 million.

Working at private aviation companies is the most rewarding because pilots earns on hourly basis.

One of the most discouraging thing about the career is that people from poor background have no chance in this career because of the high cost of training.

Software Engineer

It’s public domain that most careers in Uganda are flooded. To avoid this,an individual should at least pursue a degree in software engineering.

The few software developers in Uganda are smiling all the way to the bank,thanks to the many contracts they secure from the government and private sector.

The world has changed, so fast that people who thought technology will not take over are shocked. Software engineering is the future of the world.

In Uganda, an experienced software engineer, someone who is capable of developing applications, earns Ush 10 million-Ush 30 million

Financial Analysts

Financial Analyst work in stock brokers, insurance companies, Bank of Uganda and audit companies.

If you possess a Chartered Financial Analyst profession and a business related degree,your starting salary is Ush 8 million, and if you accumulate experience to at least 5 years,nothing will prevent you from earning Ush 20 million.

Some of the best companies to work for include Uganda Revenue Authority, Bank of Uganda, Citibank, Deloitte and PWC.

Chef Executive Officer

Of course it’s not easy to be a CEO, but if you become one in a top organization, your salary will be at least Ush 20 million.

You need at least 7 years professional experience to become a CEO but the reward at this level is good.

What is needed of you is dedication, innovativeness and hard work to reach there.

Construction Manager

Construction manager is an individual who supervises and oversees construction sites. This person plays a critical role in Uganda, which is why he earns better than most workers in Uganda.

Latest figures show that a construction manager earns average salary of Ush 3 million per month.

Medical Doctor

Medical doctors are not so appreciated by Ugandan government but those working with private hospitals earn very well. One thing I will say today is that doctors have numerous opportunities outside employment. It’s easy for a doctor to start own clinic than any other professional to start a company related to their professional backgrounds. Based on those facts, medicine is regarded as the best rewarding career in Uganda.

In top private hospitals, a doctor earns Ush 3 million-Ush 8 million.


Auditors working with the big four (PWC, Deloitte, E&Y and KPMG) are among the highest earning professionals in Uganda.

With a degree in a business related profession or Statistics and professional certification such as ACCA or CIA,an individual can pocket up to Ush 8 million per month. The salary can even double if they hold senior positions in any of the big four institutions.


Actuarial science is a tiny profession in Uganda, but that does not mean that their salary is tiny. In fact a qualified actuary earns even more than most CEOs in Uganda.

Top insurance companies and actuarial firms pay actuaries up to Ush 15 million. But to qualify as an actuary, more than a degree in actuarial science is needed. The most ideal courses include CFA or professional certifications from Society of Actuaries or Institute of Actuaries.

UN workers

Workers who are employed at the United Nations eat the flesh of Uganda and leave the bones to the rest.

The average salary of a fresh graduate at UN is Ush 10 million while experienced individuals earn up to Ush 40 million.

Monitoring and evaluation/Statistics

Monitoring and evaluation officers, just like statisticians earn very good salaries when employed at NGOs.

There are so many opportunities for M&E and statisticians in Uganda, and these people rarely miss opportunities in NGOs and government institutions.

Though at entry level a statistician can earn even less than Ush 800, 000,with time, they earn good perks.

Senior Accountants

Junior and assistant accountants are not paid well since they have no enough experience to be the backbones of corporate. But when they acquire enough experience to make critical decisions for organizations, they end up earning close to what directors earn.

Senior accountants in Uganda earn up to Ush 20 million-they are slightly below Chief Finance Officers, who are always placed second after the CEO.


If there are people you can’t mess with their pay, then lawyers are the ones. In Uganda, experienced lawyers and judges earn up to Ush 18 million per month. Those in private practice, however, make varying amounts based on the clients they represent. But the profession is highly rewarding.


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