List of International Schools in Kenya


Below, we provide a list of International Schools in Kenya. To begin with, International schools are for privileged families, individuals with a monthly income in excess of Ksh 500,000. As of 2019 there were more than 20 international schools in Kenya.

The table below will show the name of an international school, fees structure and website link. If you have a child you want to take to any of the schools, select one based on the fees structure provided.

German School Nairobi 1.4 million
International School of Kenya 3 million
The Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi 700,000
Peponi School 2 million
STEM International School 600,000
Light International School 750,000
The Banda School 2 million
Nairobi International School 900,000
Brookhurst International School 450,000
West Nairobi School 400,000
Potterhouse School 650,000
Crawford International School 850,000
Brookhouse School 2 million
Peponi House 1.4 million
Braeside School 950,000
Sabis International School Runda 1 million
Rusinga School 800,000
Cavina School 700,000
Rosslyn Academy 1 million
The Nairobi Academy 700,000
Kenton College Preparatory School 2 million
Braeburn School 1.6 million
St. Mary’s School Nairobi 700,000
GEMS Cambridge International School Nairobi 1.5 million
Oshwal Academy Nairobi 450,000
Woodland Star International Schoo 1.4 million
The Netherlands School Society Nairobi 900,000
Braeburn Garden Estate School 1.6 million
Woodcreek School 800,000
Lycée Denis Diderot 800,000
Hillcrest International School 2 million

The most expensive international school is the International School of Kenya which charges Ksh 3 million per year.Peponi School, Hillcrest International School, Kenton College Preparatory School and Brookhouse School follows it closely with annual fees of Ksh 2 million.

The cheapest international schools in Kenya include; Oshwal Academy Nairobi, Brookhurst International School and Potterhouse School.

On average, you must spend at least Ksh500,000 per year to educate your child in an international school in Kenya.