List of top 10 best Universities to join in Kenya 2020


If you want to join the best universities in Kenya in 2020, you have to consider several factors. One of the major factors is the ranking of that institution globally. The University of Nairobi tops the list of the best universities in Kenya, followed by Strathmore and JKUAT respectively.

While in high school, privates perform better than public schools in university level it’s vice versa. The performance of public universities is better than private ones.

In this article, we shall give the top 10 universities to join in 2020 if you wish to get quality education. So before you do university selection, make sure you pick one of these universities:

  1. University of Nairobi
  2. Maseno University
  3. Strathmore University
  4. Kenyatta University
  5. JKUAT
  6. Egerton University
  7. Technical University of Kenya
  8. USIU
  9. Catholic University of Eastern Africa
  10. Moi University

Moi University is not a bad one but they delay graduation ceremonies. If you scored A or B+ and above and you want the best mathematics related courses like Actuarial and Statistics, UoN ,JKUAT and Maseno are the best universities to join.If you want the best education in health related courses, join UoN,Moi or KMTC,though KMTC is for diploma students.

Strathmore University is best for business related courses. It’s also ideal for students who wish to pursue CPA, ACCA or CFA.Strathmore ranks as the number one private university in Kenya

USIU and Kenyatta University are the best when it comes to media and education related courses. If you need the best agriculture related courses, join Egerton University.

The worst universities to join include KeMu, MKU and St Paul’s University. Here you will get the worst education.

JKUAT is the best for engineering, IT, Statistics and agriculture students. But you should select it as your second choice.

If you need further details on the best universities in Kenya, visit Webometrics. This is the best site that ranks universities world over in regards to quality of education .