List of Universities and colleges in Uganda


Here is the full list of universities and colleges in Uganda:



No              Insititutions Name and Address

  • Makerere University

P.O. Box 7062, Kampala

  • Mbarara University of Science and Technology P.O. Box 1410, Mbarara
  • Gulu UniversityP.O. Box 166, Gulu
  • Kyambogo University

P.O. Box 1, Kyambogo

  • Busitema University P.O. Box 236, Tororo htp://
  • Muni University P.O.Box 725, Arua Email: [email protected]
  • Kabale University

P.O. Box 317, Kabale, Kikungiri

  • Lira University

Plot 1162, Ayere Barapwo P.O.Box 1035, Lira

  • Soroti University Plot 50 & 51 Arapai P.O.Box 211, Soroi Tel: 0454461605


No              Insituions Name and Address

  • Makerere University Business School

P.O. Box 7062 Kampala, Uganda. Tel: +256-41- 32752/530231/5302232. Website: htp://

Fax: +256 -41 533640/ 541068.

  • Makerere University College of Health Sciences P.O. Box 7062, Kampala htp://
  • Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences P.O. Box 7062, Kampala


  • Makerere University College of Business and Management Science P.O. Box 7062, Kampala


  • Makerere University College of Compuing and Informaion Sciences P.O. Box 7062, Kampala


5 Makerere University College of
  Educaion and External   Studies
  P.O. Box 7062, Kampala
6 Makerere University College of Engineering, Design, Art  & Technology
  P.O. Box 7062, Kampala


  • Makerere University College of Humaniies and Social Sciences P.O. Box 7062, Kampala htp://
  • Makerere University College of Natural Sciences P.O. Box 7062, Kampala htp://
  • Makerere University College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Bio-security P.O. Box 7062, Kampala



No              Insituions Name and Address

  • Uganda Management Institute Jinja Road

P.O. Box 20131, Kampala


Uganda Management Institute, Mbarara Campus Plot 11-21 Kamukuzi Road P.O. Box 20131, Kampala


No              Insituions Name and Address

  • Islamic University in Uganda

P.O. Box 2555,Mbale


No              Insituions Name and Address

  • Ndejje University

P.O. Box 7088, Kampala

  • Uganda Martyrs University P.O. Box 5498, Kampala htp://
  • Bugema University

P.O. Box 6529, Kampala

  • Nkumba University

P.O. Box 237, Entebbe,

  • Uganda Chrisian University

P.O. Box 4, Mukono,

  • Kampala Internaional University

P.O. Box 20000, Kampala,

  • Bishop Stuart University

P.O. Box 9, Mbarara


No              Insituions Name and Address

  • Kampala University

P.O. Box 25454, Kampala

  • Mountains of the Moon University

P.O. Box 837, Fort Portal,

  • Busoga University P.O. Box 154, Iganga
  • Aga Khan University

P.O. Box 8842, Kampala,

  • Kumi University

P.O. Box 178, Kumi, Ngero Campus

  • African Bible University

P.O. Box 71242, Kampala, htp://

  • Uganda Pentecostal University P.O. Box 249, Fort Portal htp://
  • Lawrence University

P.O. Box 24930, Kampala

  • Muteesa I Royal University P.O. Box 14002 htp://
  • All Saints University, Lango P.O. Box 6, Lira, Boroboro Hill‎
  • Internaional Health Sciences University

Plot 46/86 Kisugu, P.O. Box 8177, Kampala,

  • African Rural University P.O. Box 16523, Kampala, htp://
  • Livingstone Internaional University P.O. Box 994 Mbale, htp://
  • Cavendish University

Nsambya Plot 1469 Ggaba Road,

P.O Box 33145, Kampala

  • Internaional University of East Africa 1112/1121, Ggaba Road in Kansanga. P.O.Box 35502, Kampala.
  • Victoria University

Victoria Towers, 1-13 Jinja Rd, Kampala,


  • Augusine Internaional University

P.O Box 26687, Kampala

  • Virtual University of Uganda Plot 425 Muyenga , Zzimwe Road. P. O. Box 70773 Kampala
  • Uganda Technology And Management University (UTAMU) P.O Box 73307, Kampala


  • Africa Renewal University P.O.Box 35138, Kampala

Email : [email protected] Tel: 0776353606/0752702500

  • Nsaka University Plot No 925, Block 3 P.O.Box 1801, Jinja

Email [email protected], [email protected]

  • Ibanda University

Bubaare Cell, Ibanda town Council, Ibanda District. P.O. Box 35, Ibanda-Uganda. Tels:+256-414-694823 Mob: 256-78-964494/+256-75-


E-mail: [email protected]

  • Team University

P.O. Box 8128 Kampala

  • University of Kisubi Brothers

P.O. Box 182, Entebbe

  • Valley University of Science & Technology Plot 131, Block 2, Nyaruzinga Road. Bushenyi District

P.O. Box 44 Bushenyi.

Tel: +256-382277576 / +256-701223939, +256-772646421 / +256-772406572

Web: Email: [email protected], [email protected]

  • Staford University

Plot 609-611 Kisugu, Zimwe Road Kampala

  • Kayiwa Internaional University Plot 336, Balintuma Road P.O. Box 9096, Kampala Tel:0414-691720,

Mobile: + 256 782 310 843

E-mail: [email protected]

  • Great Lakes Regional University

P.O Box 48, Kanungu Tel. 0700730928

  • International Science, Business & Technology (ISBAT) University 11A Rotary Avenue (Lugogo By-Pass)

PO Box 8383, Kampala

Email: [email protected] Tel: 0414437526


No              Insituions Name and Address

Bishop Barham University College (Consituent College of Uganda Chrisian University)

P.O. Box 613 htp://


  • Kampala Internaional University School of Health Sciences Mbarara – Bushenyi Rd, P.O.Box 256, Ishaka
  • Nile University Campus – Uganda

Martyrs University, Arua P.O.Box 141, Arua

  • Uganda Chrisian University, Kampala Campus

P.O.Box 4, Mukono Tel: 0312350800 Mob: 0794770826 Email: [email protected]

  • Uganda Chrisian University, Mbale Campus

P.O.Box 4, Mukono Tel: 0312350800 Tel: +256454436222 Mob: 0794770826 Email: [email protected],

Email : [email protected]

  • Nkumba University, Kampala Campus Plot 773 & 774, Kabaka Anjagala Road-Mengo, Kampala


  • Insituions Name and Address
  • ESLSCA Internaional Business School Uganda

Plot 10 Impala Avenue, Box 37207, Kampala htp://

  • Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research &

Educaion Institute (ECUREI) Mengo Hospital- Sir Albert Cook Building P.O.Box 7161, Kampala

Email: [email protected]

  • Westminster Chrisian Institute Uganda

P.O.BOX 21312 Kampala, Uganda, East Africa College Email: [email protected] Phone: (+256) 414 696914 Email: [email protected] Phone: (+256) 077 961 7553

  • Indian Institute of Hardware Technology (IIHT), Uganda

Afri-Courts Building, 2nd Floor, Plot 10 Buganda Road, Nakasero Ward, Kampala Central Division, Kampala City

Box Number: 33017, Kampala

Tel: +256793958352/+25670248608 9/0312209300

Fax Number: None

Email: [email protected] Website:

  • Institute of Hospice and Palliaive Care in Africa (IHPCA) Plot 130 Makindye Road-Makindye

Box 7757, Kampala

Email: [email protected] Tel: +256 414268187

  • Mulitech Business School

Plot 345, Kyaddondo Rd, Kampala, P.O. Box 10923,Kampala‎

  • YMCA Comprehensive Institute P.O.Box 2871, Kampala


No              Insititutions Name and Address

  • Mulitech Business School

Kakiri Caampus P.O.Box 345, Kampala

E-mail: [email protected] Tel: 0756222515

  • Mulitech Business School

Hoima Campus P.O.Box 345, Kampala Tel: 0752379955

E-mail:  [email protected]

  • YMCA Comprehensive Institute Buwambo, Campus Block 80 Plot 139 P.O Box 2871, Kampala


No              Institutions Category, Name and Address

Commercial, Hotels, Social Development

  • Pearl Crest Hospitality Training Institute Plot 23/29/31 Garuga Road, Ttende Estate P.O.Box 29880, Kampala

[email protected]

  • Makerere Institute of Social Development

Plot 807,Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road

  • Makerere Business Institute Plot 489 Sir Apolo Kaggwa,

P.O Box 10325 Kampala

  • Management and Accountancy Training Co. Ltd P.O. Box 10139, Industrial Area
  • The College of Professional Development P.O. Box 10139, Jinja Road htp://
  • Datamine Technical Business School Bat Valley Crescent P.O. Box 16399, Kampala
  • Nyamitanga College of Business Studies P.O. Box 150, Mbarara
  • African College of Commerce and Technology (Formerly African College of Commerce, Kabale)

P.O.Box 301, Kabale

  • Uganda Institute of Banking & Financial Services

P.O. Box 4986, Kampala‎

  • Nile Institute of Management Studies P.O. Box 889, Arua
  • Ankole Western Institute of Science and Technology

P.O. Box 112, Kabwohe

  • Institute of Advanced Leadership, Uganda

P.O. Box 34001, Kampala

  • Kabalega College, Masindi Plot 1 Block 6, Buruli LRV 49
  • APTECH Computer Educaion

Plt 22, Entebbe Rd, Box 28220, Kampala

  • Mbarara Institute for Social Development

P.o Box 793 Mbarara 590 Kasese Uganda Tel: 0755427388 Email:[email protected] Webesite:htp//:mbararaInstitute.

  • Zenith Business College

P.O. Box 27736 Nasser Rd, Kampala, Uganda

  • Makerere Business Training Centre Plot 1102, Kubiri, Bombo Rd
  • Jimmy Sekasi Business Institute Plt 4925 Bck No 244 Kabalalgala-Muzaana Zone htp://
  • Kampala Internaional College

Plot 3 Rubaga Rd, Box 28321, Kampala

  • UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass Communicaion

Block 10, Plt 171 Mufunya Rd,

Namirembe-Bakuli P.O.Box 34939 Kampala htp://

  • Buganda Royal Institute of Business & Technical Training Educaion Mengo Hill-KLa

Box 29599, Kampala

Email: [email protected] htp://

  • Global Professional Soluions Colline Hse, Pilkington Rd, Kampala Box 7014 Kampala
  • Islamic Call University College Plot 23/25 Old Kampala
  • YWCA Vocaional Training Institute 1 & 3 George Street 2108,Kampala

P.O Box 2108, Kampala

  • Rukungiri Institute of Management P.O. Box 88, Rukungiri
  • East African Institute of Management Science

P.O Box 701 Gulu

  • Fountainhead Institute of Management & Technology (FIMAT)
  • Al-Mustafa Islamic College Plot 5, Luthuli drive, Bugolobi P.O.Box 26175 Kampala Email: info

Tel: +256414500078

  • World Wide Training College P.O.Box 37120, Kampala, Uganda
  • Gulu Institute of Health Sciences P.O. Box 430 Gulu htp://
  • East African Professional Counseling Institute

Plot 771, Angi House, Makindye Division

  • Uganda Chrisian Institute for Professional Development Plot 36-40, Agwata Road P.O. Box 254, Lira.
  • Caritas Counseling and Training Institute Obiya East, Lacor Road, Bar Dege Division, P.O. Box 261,Gulu

Email : [email protected]

  • Uganda Catholic Management and Training Institute

Plots 1123, 409, 502, 503 and 809, Rubaga

P.O. Box 14267, Kampala.

  • Makerere College of Business and Computer Studies Block 5, Plot 342 Kagyera, Nothern Ward A P.O.Box 153, Rukungiri
  • VTECH Academy (Formerly BCI-Wrox Academy)

Plot 54, Kampala Road, Damanico Building P.O. Box 30902, Kampala

  • Makerere Metropolitan

Plot 439, Sir Apollo Kagwa road,

40m ater Makerere hill road juncion, Opposite Makerere university play ground P.O. Box 11538, Kampala

E-mail: makereremetropolitan@yahoo.


  • Engineering Management and Innovaion Institute (EMI)

Plot 2069 Kasokoso Road, Kireka, Kampala, P.O. Box 23545 Kampala [email protected]

  • Monaco Institute of Business and Computer Science

Plot 595/15, Mbogo Road Kibuli, P.O Box 26409 Kampala-Uganda

Email: [email protected] / Website:

  • Nile Vocaional Institute Plot 89-101 Buikwe Road P.O.Box 1829, Jinja -Njeru htp://
  • Axial Internaional College

Plot 245, Tank Hill Rd, Muyenga P.O. Box 245 Kampala‎

  • Alliance Vocaional School

Kitwe Cell, Kyaruhanga ward Ibanda P.O.Box 32, Ibanda

  • Namasuba College of Commerce P.O.Box 9813, Kampala Email: [email protected] Tel: +256414272306
  • Internaional Institute of Business and Media Studies (IBBMS) Jambula Zone, Bukesa Parish, Old Kampala

P.O.Box 30422, Kampala Email : [email protected]

  • Management Institute of Science & Technology (MIST)


Tel: +256778639777, +256703311151

  • East African School of Taxaion Conrad Plaza, Plot 22 Entebbe Road P.O.Box 34439, Kampala
  • Africa Populaion Institute

Plot 155, Block 5, Kyebando Road P.O.Box 10842, Kampala

  • Meritorious Biz Tech College Ham Towers, 4th Floor P.O.Box 923, Kampala Tel : +256776235423
  • St Benedict Technical College Kisubi Kisubi 1 Km Of Entebbe Road P.O.Box 57 Kisubi Email: [email protected] Tel: 0793292790
  • Maganjo Institute of Career Educaion 10 Km Bombo Road, Box 12346, Kampala Tel: 0414566960/ 0772415205


  • Institute of Petroleum Studies, Kampala Tank Hill Road Muyenga-Kisugu Tel: 0414695610/0781059885


  • Techno Brain U Ltd

P.O Box: 33339 Kampala Telephone:+256-3122-63066 Fax: +256-4143-7078 E-mail:[email protected]


  • Sai Pali Institute of Technology & Management

Box number: 75252, Kampala

Tel:+256-414-257534 Mob: 0754511990 Fax number:+256-414257534

E-mail:[email protected]

  • Luigi Guissani Institute of Higher Educaion Sentamu Jagenda Road Plot 828-829, Luzira

P.O. Box 40390, Kampala Phone: +256 0414 222513-7 Fax: +256 0414 222510

  • Development‎Studies‎Centre.‎Plot‎140A‎–‎148A‎Bulemba‎Road,‎Mbarara‎Municipality

P.O. Box 208 Mbarara Tel: Mobile: 0772-665458

E-mail: [email protected]

  • African Ark College of Management Sciences (AACMS). P.O. Box 590, Kasese,

Tel:+256-756-987602/ +256-7772-567567/

0756-987602/0774-155007 E-mail: [email protected]

  • Universal Virtual Content Academy

P.O Box 22144, Kampala- Uganda Tel: +256414692359

Website: E-mail: [email protected]

  • Institute of Accountants and Vocational School-Kyotera P.O.Box 249, Kyotera

Tel: +256787108535/ +256712005319

Email: [email protected]

  • Insurance Institute of Uganda P.O. Box 4184, Kampala

Tel: 0414 577169; 0772 410211

E-mail: [email protected] Website:

  • Makland Institute of Business & Management

P.O. Box 29016 Kampala

Tel: +256-414693612 +256-787018264

  • Institute of Social Work & Community Development


Tel: 0392961355

  • Salaama Vocaional Educaion Centre
  1. Box 88, Lyantonde, Tel:+256 790 911 662
  • Global Institute of Informaion Technology & Business

4th Floor, Haruna Plaza, Bwaise Road, Kampala, Uganda,

Tel: +256 (0)712 945 602, +256 (0)702 516 354, Email: [email protected]

  • Desiny Internaional Business Institute 2nd Floor, Bonaza building, Plot 437 Sir. Albert Cook Rd,

Bakuli-Mengo, Kampala P.O. Box 1014, Kampala

  • Institute of Management Science & Technology (IMSAT) Mbale
  1. Box 12 Mbale , Tel: (045) 443-6019
  • Management &Development Training (MDTC Lira) PO Box 157 Lira,

Kichope Village, Ober Parish, Ojwina Division-Lira Municipality

  • Human Technical& Business College Plot 7-13, Cecilia Ogwal Road, Cathedral Village, Alito Camp Parish,

Ojwina Division-Lira Municipality

  • Hopenet training Centre UEB Village, Church Road Mulago ward II, Kawempe Division


  • Labour College of East Africa (LCEA) Plot 227, Sir Albert Cook Road, Mengo- Kampala
  • Kampala Institute of Vocaional Training& Business studies ( KIVTBS) Makindye-Kizungu zone, Along Luwafu- Salama Road

PO Box 12608, Kampala

  • Rubindi Vocaional Institute Rubindi Town Council Mbarara-Ibanda Road P.O. Box 1243, Mbarara

Tel: 0772-652502/ 0704-6525027/ 0706-123956 E-mail:[email protected]

Bible/ Theological Colleges

  • Uganda Bapist Seminary P.O. Box 1310, Jinja
  • Kampala Evangelical School of Theology Makerere Hill Plot 81/84/P.O.Box 16704, Kampala, Uganda
  • Uganda Bible Institute P.O. Box 4 Mbarara
  • Uganda Martyrs Seminary, Namugongo P.O. Box 31149 Kampala
  • Michelangelo College of Creaive Arts

P.O.Box 7, Kisubi [email protected]

  • African Internaional Chrisian Ministry College of Science & Technology (AICM- CST) Formerly (African Internaional of Chrisian Ministry-Vocaional Training College) P.O.Box 459, Kabaale
  • Pentecostal Theological College, Mbale Box 149, Kampala
  • Reformed Theological College Bunamwaya, Box 11701, Kampala
  • African Chrisian Renewal College (Formerly Gaba Bible Institute) Buloba Mityana Road P.O. Box 35138, Kampala
  • All Naions Theological College and Seminary

Bwerenga (near Lake Victoria), 5km of


  • Vision for Africa Internaional Chrisian College


  • Glad Tidings Bible College Makerere Hill Road,
  1. O. Box 2560, Kampala, Uganda. Email; [email protected] Tel: +256-414 –
  • Yesu Akwagala Bible College

Postal Address: P.O. Box 4932, Kampala Email: [email protected]

Tel: +256787108535/+256712995319

  • Global Theological Seminary

Old Kakira Rd, Wairaka Kirra Jinja Tel: 0772453999 / 0775199609

  • Word of Life Africa Bible Institute Plot 4374, Lumuli Kitende-Of Entebbe Road in Wakiso District.

P.O. Box 29899, Kampala. Tel: 0414-573328, Mob: 0753-449342,0772610932,0782016669

E-mail: [email protected] Website:

  • Covenant Bible Institute of Theology& Seminary

P.O. Box 72 Mbale, Uganda

Agricultural Colleges

  • Kyera Agricultural College P.O. Box 1577 Mbarara
  • Mityana Agro-Vet Institute P.O Box 183 Mityana

Tel: 0782841821/0772954662/0782 393889

E-mail:  [email protected]

  • Lijif Internaional American Colleges of Health Sciences


Village, Ninda, Kampala Box Number: 234, Kampala

Tel: 0392962800/0776962800

Fax Number: 0414285994 Email: [email protected]

  • Kampala School of Health Sciences Plot 3 , Rubaga Road, Box 4551, Kampala

Tel: 0312100171/ 0700563464

  • Kabale Institute of Health Sciences Plot 6A Bunigo Rd Kabale
  • Mildmay Uganda P.O.Box 24984, Entebbe
  • Medicare Health Professionals College Plot 975 Balintuma Rd, P.O Box 16476 , Kampala

6                  Kampala Institute of Science & Technology

P.O. Box 14274, Mengo Kampala.

Tel:    0712-271264/0779-837314/0312-612046

E-mail: [email protected]

Performing Arts, Music, and Design Colleges

  • Nagenda Internaional Academy of Art and Design

P.O Box 29341, Kampala htp://

  • Michelangelo College of Creaive Arts

P.O.Box 7, Kisubi [email protected]

  • Arfield Institute of Design Plot D Katalima Road, Naguru P.O. Box 22095, Kampala
  • Africa Institute of Music

Plot 2407 Bukasa close, Zone A, Muyenga, P.O Box 23155, Kampala Uganda


e-mail: [email protected] Telephone: 0312282589/ 0772577748


Agricultural Colleges, Fisheries, Forestry and Wildlife Institutions Bukalasa Agricultural College

Arapai Agricultural College Fisheries Training Institute, Entebbe Nyabyeya Forestry College, Masindi Uganda Wildlife Training Institute, Kasese

Commercial, Hotels and Cooperatives Colleges Uganda College of Commerce Aduku

Uganda College of Commerce Kabale Uganda College of Commerce Pakwach Uganda College of Commerce Soroti Uganda College of Commerce Tororo Uganda Cooperative College Kigumba

The Crested Crane Hotel and Tourism Training Centre Management Training and Advisory Centre Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Devt

Makerere University Business School

Communication Technology

Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology

Medical Institutions

School of Hygiene, Mbale

School of Clinical Officers, Mbale

School of Clinical Officers,Gulu

School of Clinical Officers, Fortportal

Medical Laboratory Technician’s School, Jinja

Butabika School of Psychiatric Clinical Officers

Masaka School of Comprehensive Nursing

Soroti School of Comprehensive Nursing

Ophthalmic Clinical Officers Training School

Health Tutors College Mulago


Butabika Psychiatric Nursing School

Mulago School of Nursing and Midwifery

Jinja Nursing School

Jinja School of Nursing and Midwifery

Mulago School of Dispensing /Pharmacy

Mulago School of Radiography

Mulago School of Physiotherapy

Mulago School of Occupational Therapy

Mulago Medical Laboratory School

Mulago Paramedical Training Schools

National Teachers College

National Teachers College, Mubende

National Teachers College,Kaliro

National Teachers College,Kabale

National Teachers College,Unyama

National Teachers College,Muni

Technical College, Meteorological and Survey Institutions

Uganda Technical College,Elgon

Uganda Technical College,Lira

Uganda Technical College, Bushenyi

Uganda Technical College, Kicwamba

Uganda Technical College, Kyema, Masindi

National Meteorological Training School

Institute of Survey and Land Management


East African School of Aviation, Soroti

Miltary Training Institutions

Non-commissioned Officer academy

Junior staff college, Jinja

Senior Command and Staff college, Jinja

Uganda Miltary Academy, Kabamba