Master of Computer Science in Data Science online course



We are introducing a Master of Computer Science in Data Science online course that is expected to begin on October 15, 2017.The course is offered by the University of Illinois and is scheduled to take 12-36 months.

If you possess undergraduate degree in computer science, IT, computer engineering, software engineering or any computer related course, Master of Computer Science in Data Science is the best course to undertake online.

As of today, more than 1,000 students have enrolled for the program and several others have showed interest. The course is a hot cake as it is offered by one of the popular universities in the world.

What you expect to learn after enrolling for the program

According to Coursera, the following are skills you will learn after you enroll for the program.

Machine Learning

The core Applied Machine Learning course focuses on tool-oriented and problem-directed lessons in machine learning. Application areas include computer vision, natural language processing, interpreting accelerometer data, and understanding audio data.

Data Visualization

The core Data Visualization course shows how to present data effectively for human understanding, starting with database visualization tools like Tableau and concluding with programming with D3.js to create reactive web pages for narrative data storytelling.

Data Mining

The core Data Mining coursework can be focused on discovering patterns in structured data or retrieving information from unstructured data in the form of natural language text, and the program is flexible enough to allow students interested in data mining to study both.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is essential for learning, visualizing, and mining big data. The cloud computing coursework can be focused on the cloud programming for infrastructure or for applications, but students interested in cloud computing can study both.

Academic requirement

  • a bachelor’s degree

The most appropriate bachelor’s programs include computer science,computer engineering,IT and software engineering.

  • 3.0/4.0 undergraduate GPA or higher (from the last two years of bachelor’s degree coursework).
  • sufficient background in object-oriented computer programming, data structures & algorithms (e.g. including a “data structures” course or comparable knowledge).
  • not already completed a graduate degree in computer science. (Those who already hold a graduate degree in computer science can complete the program to earn a Master’s Certificate in Data Science that they can list alongside their existing graduate degree in CS.)


Applicants for the degree program are recommended to have:

  • a bachelor’s degree in a computing field,
  • 3.2/4.0 undergraduate GPA or higher,
  • programming experience demonstrated by employment or a list of programming projects, and
  • programming experience with C++ and/or Java.

The good thing about this course is that you can join even when you are already enrolled for a bachelor’s degree.

How to enroll

To enroll for the program, follow this link(Enrollment link)

Note that admissions start on October 15, 2017-You are advised to apply before deadline.