MBA Admission Requirement for USA Universities…USA and Foreign Students



Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the most popular Masters course in USA.The program is offered by more than 800 universities and colleges with varying Admission requirements.

Universities in America admit students from all over the world. Students from USA usually get direct admission to universities while those from other countries, especially Africa, join these universities through scholarships.

We are going to take you through admission requirements for MBA program at various universities in USA


University of Pittsburg is located in USA and the following are admission requirements for the MBA program at the university.

All of our MBA programs require a bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. university (as determined by the Commission on Recognition of Postsecondary Accreditation), or the non-U.S. equivalent. In addition, official and satisfactory GMAT (600 or higher) or GRE (high 150s in each section) and TOEFL (100 or higher) or IELTS (7 or higher) scores are evaluated. Post-undergraduate full-time work experience is preferred but may be substituted for some programs with a combination of strong academic ability and substantive internships or co-ops, to be reviewed by the admissions committee. Please note that under no circumstances do we waive GMAT or GRE.

Additional Requirements for Select Programs*

One-Year MBA Program

A GMAT score of 600 or better is preferred

At least two years of relevant post-undergraduate full-time work experience

Professional MBA Program

As the Professional MBA Program is designed for working adults, evidence of post-undergraduate full-time work experience is preferred with demonstrated responsibility and leadership

MBA/MS-MIS Program

Information systems (IS) credentials and/or IS work-experience are expected

MBA/MS-Engineering Program

An undergraduate degree in engineering or the hard sciences

MBA/JD Program

It is recommended that applicants apply to this program during their first year of study at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law

MBA/MIB Program

Identify a foreign country of interest in whose native language you are proficient and where you will conduct an internship

*The Two-Year MBA and Joint-degrees with the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) do not have additional program-specific requirements.


Master of Business Administration MBA: Entry requirements

What you need to apply for this course

We advise that candidates apply for the Kingston MBA as soon as possible – it can take longer than you think to get organised to start your MBA. We accept admissions throughout the year, so you can join the next available group of students when you are ready.

The Kingston MBA is a generalist course that is offered as a full-time and a part-time (executive) programme. Our specific MBA admissions criteria reflect the fact that students on the programmes often have different academic and business backgrounds.

Specific MBA admissions criteria

Committing to an MBA is a huge, life-changing decision. We want your experience on the Kingston MBA to be challenging, enjoyable and rewarding, so making sure we select both the right students and the right mix of students is extremely important. We use a set of admissions criteria to determine if a student is ready to take on an MBA. The criteria help us to make sure that you can successfully complete the MBA, and that each cohort of students will work together successfully as a team.

  Area   Requirement  You need to provide:
 Academic First degree or recognised equivalent from a professional body. Certified copy of your degree, transcripts, or letter of award.
We also consider applications from individuals with considerable management experience but no first degree. Evidence of alternative professional development and achievement.

Subject to individual assessment, a GMAT result (we would usually look for a score of 620 or above).

Work experience Minimum of three years’ relevant work experience for the full-time programme or five years’ managerial experience for the executive programme. Two letters of reference from employers or from an employer and an academic source.
English proficiency Very proficient written and spoken English. Applicants whose first language is not English are expected to meet our requirements for English language proficiency (see below for details).
Motivation The MBA is a big commitment. We need to know you have thought about the opportunity and the consequences of studying. Personal statement (750 words maximum) within application form.

Interview to discuss the suitability of the MBA for you.

Admissions process

After receiving a candidate’s application form, the first stage in our admissions process is to confirm that the candidate meets the criteria listed in the table above. So it is crucial for you to send us all the evidence and documents we require.

When we have determined that a candidate meets our criteria, we normally arrange an interview with them. This is either in a face-to-face meeting or by telephone. You can meet us for interview at Kingston Business School or at the MBA, British Council and postgraduate study fairs we attend.

If we are concerned about a candidate’s ability to complete the course successfully, we may ask them to complete a numerical test or ask for a GMAT score. We usually look for a score of 600 or above.

We will be in contact with you throughout the admissions process, after your initial application, so you know what the next step is on the route to your MBA.

English language requirements

All non-UK applicants must meet our English language requirement, which is Academic IELTS of 6.5 overall, with no element below 6.0. Make sure you read our full guidance about English language requirements, which includes details of other qualifications we consider.

Applicants who do not meet the English language requirements could be eligible to join our pre-sessional English language course.

Applicants from a recognised majority English speaking countries (MESCs) do not need to meet these requirements.


Liberty University also admits students for MBA program. The admission requirements are as follows.

Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.)

  1. Apply online or download graduate application and submit via mail.
  2. $50.00 Deferred application fee (Assessed during financial check in)
  3. Fax / scan all unofficial college transcripts. *Please Note* Unofficial transcripts can be used for acceptance purposes!
  4. Mail official college transcripts (sealed, unopened copy).
  5. Regionally or nationally accredited bachelor’s degree with at least a 3.0 GPA and a minimum of 15 hours of upper level (300-400 level) undergraduate coursework in Business for admission in good standing
  • Students who do not have the 15 hours of upper level undergraduate business courses, but meet the 3.00 GPA requirements will be denied admission and automatically moved to the M.A. in Executive Leadership program. Once the student has successfully passed all portions of BMAL 590, he/she may request admission to the M.B.A. program.
  1. Prerequisites for Accounting specializations ONLY (taken prior to graduate accounting courses)
  • ACCT 211: Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 212: Managerial Accounting
  • ACCT 301: Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACCT 302: Intermediate Accounting II
  • ACCT 311: Cost Accounting I
  • ACCT 401: Taxation I
  • ACCT 404: Auditing
  1. TOEFL scoresfor students who speak English as a second language (score of 600 paper-based test; 250 computer-based test; 80 internet-based test)

Preliminary acceptance

If you are sending in a preliminary transcript for acceptance, you must be in your final term and planning to start your master’s degree after the last day of class for your bachelor’s degree. You must submit an official/unofficial transcript to confirm that you are in your final term. The preliminary transcripts must show a minimum of 105 completed credit hours. In addition, if you are a current Liberty University student completing your Undergraduate degree, you will need to submit a Graduation Application. Finally, in order to maintain your acceptance and be permitted to continue in your program, you must send in an additional, final official transcript with a conferral date on it by the end of your first term of enrollment.

Dual Enrollment

If you plan to dual enroll in both a bachelor’s and master’s degree program, you must contact the Registrar’s Office to obtain a dual enrollment application. Along with your completed dual enrollment application, you must complete and submit a graduate application. As a non-Liberty undergraduate student, in addition to completing and submitting a graduate application, if you plan to dual enroll in both a bachelor’s and master’s degree program you must contact and speak with our Registrar directly. You must also have your current university’s registrar send Liberty’s Registrar’s Office an official letter to confirm that you are in the last nine hours of your undergraduate degree program.


Unofficial college transcript policy

An unofficial copy of the college transcript can either be faxed from the institution, printed from the school’s official site, or an opened copy that you may have in your possession.

Before sending unofficial college transcripts, please make sure they include the following:

  • School’s name or logo printed on the document
  • Cumulative GPA
  • List of completed courses and earned credit
  • Degree and date conferred (if applicable)


Stanford University is a top university in USA.MBA is one of their main programs in the Graduate School of Business. Admission criteria is as follows:

Regionally or nationally accredited bachelor’s degree with at least a 3.0 GPA and a minimum of 15 hours of upper level (300-400 level) undergraduate coursework in Business for admission in good standing

The students should also be able to do TOEFL test, which will ensure they are proficient in the English language.

Students who did not manage to score at least 3.0GPA in undergraduate are advised to produce evidence of professional experience spanning at least 2 years.


GMAT/ GRE scores no more than five years old (Our GRE School Code is R6897). GMAT Codes can be found here. Please review our policy regarding GMAT/GRE waivers in the Application Differences section below.

All international students are required to provide an English proficiency test no more than two years old from one of three testing services: TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS (School Code: 6897). Please review our policy regarding English proficiency test waivers in the Application Differences section below.

One professional letter of recommendation from current or past employers, community leaders, former professors, etc. Letters are to be submitted through the online application system.

The Full-Time MBA Program requires two essays and the Professional MBA Program requires one. All essays are described in the online application system.

A detailed resume of all work history to be uploaded into the online application system.

Interviews by invitation (only Full-Time MBA and Professional MBA Evening Cohort programs).


Full-Time MBA applicants who are granted an interview may also be interviewed by an alumnus. The assigned alumnus will contact you directly to schedule this interview.

This interview will be in addition to the interview conducted by MBA Program office staff.


Prerequisite knowledge in calculus is a requirement for the Professional MBA programs. Applicants need to have earned a “B” or better in calculus or its equivalent to satisfy the prerequisite. Applicants who have not satisfied this requirement may be admitted but will need to satisfy the prerequisite within the first semester of UT Dallas course work by taking OPRE 6303 (Quantitative Foundations of Business). Applicants may also elect to complete Math 1325 at a community college prior to matriculation to satisfy this requirement.



For admission to degree programs and certificate programs you must:


Hold an earned bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited US institution or the equivalent from a recognized foreign (outside the US) institution;

Demonstrate academic and professional capability to study at the graduate level;

Possess quantitative, writing, and computing skills needed to succeed in a competitive and dynamic environment.

Satisfy any additional criteria as required for admission to a specific degree program.


To be considered for admission to the graduate program, you should provide the following:


Admission Application Form and Fee: The completed application form with the nonrefundable application fee ($70 for domestic degree applicants; $40 for domestic certificate applicants; $85 for domestic doctoral candidates; and $110 for all international applicants) should be sent to the Office of Admissions.

Official Academic Transcripts: Graduate applicants must submit transcripts from the degree-granting undergraduate institution. The transcripts must clearly state that a bachelor’s degree or an industry standard equivalents been conferred. However to maximize transfer credit, we recommend submitting transcripts from all institutions attended. Note: Applicants for the master of accountancy degree must meet the criteria for the English Language Proficiency Admission Requirements stated in the university catalog. Provide official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended. Transcripts must be sent to the Office of Enrollment Services directly from other schools, colleges, or universities issuing the documents.

Test Scores:

A GMAT or GRE score is required of MBA degree applicants unless the applicant meets the criteria for exception (see the MBA program).

The GMAT or GRE may be required of other master’s degree applicants if academic transcripts do not indicate sufficient academic preparation.

Applicants whose first (native) language is not English, must meet the English Language Proficiency Admission Requirements. Most applicants take the TOEFL exam and submit the official test score from ETS. For a list of alternative options for satisfying this requirement, refer to the English Language Requirement section of the University Catalog.

Test score reports must be sent directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to the Admissions Office.

Personal Statement (Optional): In cases where the academic history of an applicant does not meet the minimum admission requirements, it is recommended that a written personal evaluation be submitted with the application materials. The statement should give a realistic appraisal of any academic work since graduation from high school. Note any inconsistencies in the academic record and the reasons for them. In addition, include a plan to affirm a commitment to academic success while attending Golden Gate University. Applicants are encouraged to be as forthright and open as possible, and should feel free to discuss unusual circumstances or situations of adversity that may have influenced their current values. Be aware that both the quality of the writing and the thoughtfulness of the statement will be evaluated.

Certification of Finances: If you are an international student who will be attending on a student or scholar visa, you must also provide a Certification of Finances form.


The non-refundable application fee of $50.00 for International Students – by bank check, money order, or online – should be drawn from a U.S. Bank and made payable to the University of Bridgeport. Please DO NOT SEND CASH. Applications will not be processed without the application fee.


Note: Submitting an application does not guarantee admission.

  1. A current passport copy


Applicants currently in the United States planning to transfer their SEVIS record to the University of Bridgeport must also submit a copy of their Visa and I-94/entry stamp and copies of all I-20s received. Applicants planning to bring dependents should also submit copies of their passports/visas/I-20s as well.

  1. A resume or C.V.


Submit a resume or C.V. reflecting academic and work experience. Students with no work experience may still apply.

  1. A personal statement or essay


Submit an original personal statement/essay (250-500 words) CLEARLY explaining why the particular academic program was chosen, what the degree will do for the applicant’s personal and career development, and how such a degree will help them achieve future goals and aspirations. Include professional plans for after the program is completed.

  1. At least 2 letters of recommendation


Provide two letters of recommendation in English. These letters must come in a sealed envelope from professors or employers who can attest to the applicant’s attainments and potential for success at the graduate level. No special form is required.

  1. Academic records


Submit official/notarized/certified/or attested copies of ALL post-secondary school (university/college) records with a proof of graduation, if available. This includes mark sheets, academic transcripts, final examination results, diplomas, and degree certificates from every college or university attended showing course work, grades, number of course hours, and conferral of degree(s), if available. Applicants from India should submit their individual mark sheets and academic transcripts. Failure to provide all academic records may result in denial of admission, admission and scholarship revocation, and/or refusal of transfer credit.


For applicants who have not yet received their Bachelor’s degree certificate/diploma

Please provide a year-to-date official/notarized/certified/or attested mark sheets, academic transcripts and a letter (or a provisional degree certificate) from the college/university stating the anticipated graduation date. In other words, evidence that the applicant has completed, or is in the process of completing, a university-level degree program must be provided.


For applicants wishing to receive transfer credit

Students wishing to receive transfer credit must submit official notarized/certified/or attested course descriptions or syllabi with exact course names and numbers, for all post-secondary (university/college) academic work attempted so that it may be evaluated for possible transfer of credit. Student-generated course descriptions are not acceptable. This may be submitted after notice of admission, but must be done before registering for classes. Transfer credit is offered at the discretion of the faculty, and is not always awarded. No more than 6 credits may be transferred to graduate-level programs.


For applicants submitting non-English academic records

Submit word-for-word notarized/certified/or attested English translations in the same format as the official document if the official document is not in English. It is important that everything on the official document be translated. Translations must be done by a bon afide translating agency in the applicant’s country or in the U.S.

  1. Proof of English proficiency


All non-native English language speakers must demonstrate English language proficiency by providing a TOEFL score of 80 (IBT) or an IELTS score of 6.5. Students who do not have a TOEFL or IELTS score or whose score is insufficient may still apply for Conditional Admission. For more information on TOEFL, please go to The University of Bridgeport School Code for TOEFL is 3914. For other ways to show proof of English Language Proficiency, click here.


For Applicants seeking Conditional Admission

Students who do not provide proof of English language proficiency prior to registration will be given the University English Language Assessment Battery (ELAB) test upon arrival. If the ELAB is passed at a satisfactory level, students may begin academic classes. If not, the student will be required to attend the University’s English Language Institute (ELI) until proficiency is reached.

  1. Proof of funding


USCIS requires that students on F1 Visas show proof of funding for a full academic year. Applicants should submit an original or color-scanned bank statement showing readily accessible, liquid assets. If the account is not in the applicant’s name, please complete and submit the Financial Statement for International Students Form (FSIS). The bank statement must be of recent date of issue, no more than 6 months old, in English, and it must be in the same name as the sponsor. If being sponsored by a government or company, please submit a letter of financial guarantee with the FSIS form.


Download the FSIS form

Additional Requirements by Program


Below is a list of additional items typically required for various programs. Please contact your counselor for the most up-to-date requirements.


Graduate Business Programs

All MBA applicants must secure a minimum GMAT score of 400 for admission consideration. Students with outstanding academic performance or significant work experience may be considered for a waiver of the GMAT exam. Work experience should be demonstrated adequately in a Resume or CV with references to be submitted during the admissions process. All non-native English applicants are required to submit proof of English Language proficiency. Students who present test scores that do not meet minimum English language requirements for direct admission to an academic program may be considered for conditional admission. Students with three-year Bachelor degrees from Indian institutions with a NAAC “A” rating in B.Com. and B.B.A. may apply to the MBA program. Evidence of professional awards and certifications is highly recommended, but not required.


Graduate Dental Hygiene (Online only)

Students applying for the online M.S. Dental Hygiene must have a Dental Hygiene license or certification and a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene. If post-secondary (college/university) academic studies were done outside the U.S., a course-by-course evaluation of all academic work will be required. Please contact an accredited academic evaluating service for more information (ECE or WES are preferred).

As you can see,the most basic requirements to be admitted for MBA program in American university include Engish proficiency and a basic university degree.

It is also good to note that students from UK, USA and Europe are easily admitted to USA University simply because their universities rank higher than most universities in Africa and Asia.

You can apply for scholarships to USA universities or seek direct entry through university portals.