My Website Traffic Dropped by 50% After Facebook changed its Algorithm. What Should I Do

My Website Traffic Dropped by 50% After Facebook changed its Algorithm. What Should I Do


Facebook changed its logarithm this year to limit the number of traffic the social media platform sends to publishers. As a result, millions of bloggers lost more than half of traffic. But as a blogger, quitting is not an option; you have to look for ways of sourcing for more traffic. We have several realistic ways to overturn the misfortunes.

Mastering keywords

The era of writing without taking keywords into consideration is over. As a  blogger, you have to start focusing on the kind of keywords to use for your titles. I understand it’s difficult to determine which keywords will work best for your blog, but with SEO tools like LongTail Keyword Pro and SEMrush,you will find it easier to attract more organic traffic.

SEMrush is particularly important because it will ensure your content is indexed and also you have several keyword suggestions. Signing up for SEMrush is free—they have a one month free trial version. To sign up,click here

Email marketing

Email marketing is also one of the most effective of earning more page views.This method has helped millions of publishers and companies to pull in thousands of readers. One tool that is common among publishers is ConvertKit.This tool enables publishers to collect emails such that whenever new content is posted, everyone in the ecosystem will be notified.

Assuming you have 100,000 subscribers and you manage to notify all of them, I am sure at least 10,000 will read your content and several others will click on the adverts and eventually convert.

The good thing about ConvertKit is that it’s cheap—-for less than $30 per month,you’ll get over 10,000 subscriptions. I have good news, you now have a chance to use the tool for free for 7 days. Sign up here and start using it


In blogging consistency is key. If you were posting a single article in a day, put more efforts to create at least 2 articles. This will seal the deficit you had from a dip in Facebook traffic.

I am one of the bloggers who experienced the heat, and I have made sure consistency is key. The fact that I post on regular basis has resulted to a surge in traffic.

Change your hosting company and have SSL certificate installed in your Blog

Another key area you should look at is hosting. One thing you should be aware of is that loading speed, percentage of uptime and SSL certificate are the key variables that will drive the growth of your blog.If your blog loading speed is low and it doesn’t have an SSL certificate, search engines will always rank it worse than competitors. This will hamper traffic numbers.

I have found Bluehost and Kinsta to be the perfect hosting companies for medium and big publishers.Bluehost will enable you install SSL certificate for free.The company charges as little as $2.45 per month in hosting charges. You can migrate your site through this link

Kinsta is also popular because it uses Google technology.Website hosted by Kinsta loads extremely fast,they are secure and with excellent SEO.If you decide to migrate your site to Kinsta,just contact them through this link and they will do so for free.