National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) Jobs and salaries



National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) is a government parastatal, whose mandate is to ensure the general environment is clean through clear policy on waste disposal, construction and other aspects directly related to environment. There are many jobs associated with NEMA, which come with different salaries.

The most obvious jobs you can get at NEMA is being environmental officer. This job requires a degree in environmental science, land economics, range management or geography. You can also get the opportunity if you have qualifications in GIS and Remote Sensing. Also there is a list of job vacancies at NEMA, which you expect to be advertised. The list is as follows, together with salary expectations

Position Salary (Ksh) per Month.
Field Officer 55,000
Internal Auditor 120,000
Environmental Officer 89,000
GIS Analyst 85,000
Graphic Designer 70,000
Secretary/Front Office 35,000
Quantity Surveyor 110,000
Communication Officer 120,000
Accountant 100,000
Lawyer 150,000
Civil Engineer 150,000
Data Analyst 85,000


The salaries are paid depending on employee level of experience. Junior staff normally earn less while senior staff pocket even more than Ksh 350,000 per month. If you are a manager at NEMA,you will pocket at least Ksh250,000 per month but if you are a secretary, your average salary will be Ksh40,000 per month.

Some of the best skills which will land you at NEMA include GIS tools like ARCGIS and QGIS, Certificate course on Environmental Impact Assessment and Law


  1. Kindly when will have the feedback for the position of Environment officer 1 &2 following the interview that was conducted at NEMA HQ on 12th February 2020