Is it possible for foreigners to study in Kenya universities?How much will it cost you per semester?



Many people would wish to study in Kenya universities but majority are not sure whether they will be able to be admitted; they also don’t know the procedure.

What you need in order to study in any Kenyan university is first to get pass from the department of immigration, which is under the ministry of foreign affairs. That pass will enable you live in Kenya legally for the period you will be staying in Kenya.

If you want to know the procedure of getting a pass, you simply log on to the department of immigration and read all the details.

You should not be worried of getting a permit to live in Kenya because you are guaranteed of that as long as you contact the ministry.

Once you have done so, you can now seek admission in any Kenyan university. Kenyan universities mostly admit students in May and September. To be safe, always apply for admission three months before the date of admission.

To be admitted to a Kenyan university, you must have passed your high school or you possess solid professional experience.

Some of the best universities in Kenya include:

University of Nairobi

Strathmore University

Kenyatta University


KCA University


Kabarak University

Egerton University

Baraton University

In Kenyan universities, you will spend $800 per semester. But the money can go up depending on your spending habits.

The average fees per semester across all courses is $1,500,but courses like Medicine,Law and engineering programs charge more.