Secrets of Earning More from AdSense

Secrets of Earning More from AdSense


Many publishers always look for secrets of earning more from AdSense. The facts from bloggers’ experiences suggest that few publishers are satisfied with what they earn from Google AdSense; majority pulls in below $200 a month.

There are known secrets established bloggers use to earn more from AdSense. Here are authentic tricks they use.

Ads placement

Ads placement is one of the components contributing to variations in AdSense income. According to experienced bloggers, AdSense adverts placed near the header or at the header bring in decent income while those placed in the footer attract low paying adverts. This teaches us thus if we focus on placing our adverts at the header or near the header, we will experience a positive shift in AdSense earnings

Website template

Known facts show that free WordPress template yield poor results in regards to AdSense. For a blogger to generate more income,they need to use premium WordPress Themes. The most popular WordPress Themes for AdSense include Admania,Newspaper and Newsmag Pro.My blog uses Newspaper Theme and it was purchased from WPion.The theme helped me increase AdSense income by 200%.You can get the theme here


If your niche focuses on entertainment, news and politics,you may not earn as much as someone’s niche that focuses on real estate,loans,hosting,mortgage,insurance and education. Advertisers pay based on keywords and they highest pay per click rates are found in few keywords related to estate, loans, hosting, mortgage, insurance and education.

From my own experience, I have discovered that a niche like real estate can attract up to $200 cost per click while entertainment will attract cost per click of as low as $0.01

Size of the banner

The size of AdSense banner matter a lot. For your information, advertisers have studied which sizes yield the best results. The best sizes being,360*250,336*280,728*90,300*600.In most cases, sizes like 730*300 and other larger dimensions never attract meaningful adverts.

Since most people access content through mobile phones, the best AdSense size for mobile is 320*50

Authority Blog

Another factor most advertisers look at is whether you own authority blog or not.Authority blogs such as BBC, CNN, Techcrunch and other big publishers earn different from struggling blogs. The only thing you need to start earning more from AdSense is to ensure you post regularly and dominate in your niche.

For your information, there are few premium publishers whose earnings from AdSense are different. Google has made sure their cost per click is higher than the rest.


You may ignore the fact that keywords play a major role in determining how much you make from your blog, but the fact is, without focus on keywords, you will end up nowhere. If you don’t know how to use keywords, you can use LongTail Keyword Pro to help you come up with viral content. You can sign up for free here

Website Loading

Website loading speed also play part in pushing your income up. Some contributors of loading speed include your choice of hosting company,number of plugins and the size of images.However,all these problems will end if you choose Kinsta.Kinsta has been praised by all bloggers who migrated their sites to the company.The moment your site is managed by Kinsta,the problem of loading speed will be a thing of the past.You can check the prices at Kinsta here