SEMRush free Trial


SEMrush has 7 free trial versions for bloggers who want to develop SEO friendly articles. During the 7 days you will access all the features of SEMRush without paying.

7 Days Trial Pro Plan

Pro plan is the cheapest plan in SEMRush where on pays $99.95 per month, but new members will be given a chance to use it for 7 days before they make the payment.

To sign up for the free trial, click here

After the sign up process is complete, you’ll be able to start using the tool.

SEMRush is a SEO tool that will help you to know how articles from your competitors perform. The tool will also indicate the CPC of each keyword and the best keywords in your niche.

Features of the plan

  1. Results per report—1000
  2. Reports per day—3,000
  3. Keyword metrics updates per month—250
  4. Keywords to track (with daily updates)—500
  5. Pages to crawl per month—100,000
  6. Pages to crawl per project—20,000

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Guru Plan

Guru plan is a bit more advanced than the Pro Plan.The normal cost is $199.95 per month. But SEMRush gives you a chance to use the plan for free for one month. To sign up, follow this link

  1. Features of the plan:
  2. Results per report—30,000
  3. Reports per day—5,000
  4. Keyword metrics updates per month—1,000
  5. Historical data—yes
  6. Projects—15
  7. Keywords to track (with daily updates)—1500
  8. Pages to crawl per month—300,000
  9. Pages to crawl per project—20,000

After you have used the tool for a couple of days, you’ll realize that the traffic has increased and income increased too. What I like most about the tool is the fact that it helps me to know whether ranking of my posts has dropped or went up. If I discover that they rank worse than they did before, I will review them and ensure they rank on page one of search engines.

I also use the tool to learn trending posts in my niche.