Tips on How to Build a Viral Blog


If you want to build a viral website, there are a number of ideas you should be armed with. A viral blog is one that everyone will notice online, one that draws millions of readers every have such a website, here are the most important things to do.

  1. Choose the best hosting company

Hosting company is the most important aspect of a website, without better services, there is no way your site will grow. The best web hosting companies are those which scale upwards when traffic numbers grow. I will suggest two hosting companies, Kinsta and Bluehost.Kista is the best for sites which receive over 300,000 visitors per month while Bluehost is for sites receiving below 500,000 visitors.

If you have been having issues with your hosting company, it’s time to change to any of the two,but the one to make you 100% comfortable is Kinsta.

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The first step is to sign up, then choose a plan that you think is best for you. Finally, make your payment and transfer your site to the hosting company. The best thing about Kinsta is that they transfer your site to their platform for free.

  1. Unique and original content

Content is king. There are slim chances that your site will go viral when you don’t have unique and original content. Google has a way of indexing content, high quality content always remains in page one while the low quality one is pushed to page two and below.

It doesn’t matter how many articles you post in a day, what matters most is the quality of your content. All viral sites have unique and original content, which attract new visitors as well as retain old readers.

  1. SEO

Highly optimized sites rank better than those which do not follow SEO rules. There are many ways a site can have high SEO index:

Always ensure your site is light, avoid using heavy images, avoid using too many plugins, use a well coded WordPress template, use SEO tools to guide you on how to post highly optimized content.

In regards to SEO tools,I will suggest two important tools to use: SEMrush and LongTail Pro.SEMrush will always show you how your articles rank while LongTail Pro will help you to determine how to write article titles and the best  articles for SEO

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SEMRush has also a 7-day trial version (Click here to sign up for free)

  1. Post regularly

The minimum number of times to post in a week is three. When you post regularly, search engines will index your articles in promptly, giving readers a chance to access them through organic traffic. The more articles you have on your site, the higher the chances of your site becoming viral.

Even as you post regularly, always ensure that the articles are of high quality, they should be long, interesting to read and with few or no grammatical errors.

  1. Organic and social media traffic

If you only depend on social media traffic, there are limited chances that your site will go viral. The best thing to do is to depend both social media and organic traffic. Organic traffic is important, more important than social media traffic. To get more organic traffic, use SEMRush and LongTail Pro tools to come up to the best searchable articles.

  1. Domain authority and niche

Domain authority contributes a lot when it comes to viral content. Even if you write nice articles, if there are other more powerful sites with the same articles, your site will always rank below them. The older your domain the better. Even as you have the best domain, it’s good to consider a niche to deal with. Some niches are crowded where you will share traffic with thousands of other bloggers.


Even as you consider the factors outlined above, you should remember that passion, consistence and persistence are key pillars to a successful blogging careers.