Software Engineering Course in Kenya and Salaries



Software Engineering is the most marketable course in Kenya, no doubt about that. Over the years the course has been growing in width and breadth, beating the former hot cake courses like Medicine and electrical & electronics Engineering.

In this century, and centuries to come-to be precise-Software Engineering will remain the most sought after profession, falling slightly shot of Oil and Gas Engineering Course. The reason why this course is so marketable in Kenya is because, in the recent past, most companies have tried to change the way they transact business. For instance, online banking is being adopted, insurance companies are calculating processing premiums online, social media is exploding, and several other companies in different sectors of economy are seeking for Apps to make their services efficient. Due to the need of these services, Software Engineers are in demand to design Apps and softwares needed to perform tasks. As technology evolves across the world, Kenya is not left behind.

In Kenya, if you are not in a hurry to pursue a degree in Medicine & Surgery and Architecture, you better go for Software Engineering, which will guarantee a well-paying job and also career satisfaction.

Research shows that the average salary of software engineers in Kenya is Ksh 135,000 at junior level and it rises significantly, to upwards of Ksh 300,000 when a software engineer earns a minimum of 3 years’ experience.

The best universities to pursue Software Engineering include University of Nairobi, Egerton University,JKUAT or Strathmore University.

The best companies to work for as a Software Engineer include Safaricom, Google,IBM or United Nations.