South Africa Revenue Services Salaries and Jobs



South African Revenue Services is among the best paying institutions in South Africa. The government institution is responsible for tax collection; it therefore, employs individuals who perform tax related roles. The salaries at this institution are paid based on individual skills and level of experience. The highest paid professionals are those at managerial level while the lowest paid are individuals who have zero professional work experience.

The average salary of a graduate trainee (fresh graduate) is R 30,000.Auditors earn between R60,000-R 120,000 while Tax managers earn R 75,000-R 150,000

At managerial level, the salaries are usually above R 150, 000, where the highest paid individual-head of the institution-earns at least R 300,000.

In general, if you want to join South Africa Revenue Services, the salary is good and the working conditions are friendly.Also, growing within the institution is guaranteed.

When it comes to skills, the institution employs people with skills in taxation, accounting, data analysis, IT, software engineering, Law, actuarial science and economics. You will also stand a better chance if possess professional certification in ACCA or CFA.