Highest paying careers in Gabon



Gabon is one of the countries where there is a huge gap between the lowest paid employees and highest paid ones. The highest paying careers in this country are those in oil industry, banking and government institutions.

Looking at salary surveys for various job categories, here are the highest paying careers in Gabon


Medical doctors are among the happiest people here.The salaries for doctors usually start from $500 going upwards.

Experienced doctors especially those working for private hospitals earn even more than $2,000.

But for you to be a qualified doctor in Gambia, you have to pursue a degree in medicine, which takes at least 5 years.

Oil and gas engineers

Oil and gas engineers are other professionals who earn good salaries. These people normally work in the oil industry as well as electricity companies. According to the figures we have here, petroleum/oil engineer earns upwards of $700 per month.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chief Executive Officer heads a company. Since he is the senior most employee of a firm, his salary must be more than any other employee in that company.

In Gambia, the average salary of a CEO is $ 2, 000, which is more than 10 times what a lawyer earns.


A lawyer also makes some good money. If you manage to secure employment at a top law firm chances are that you will pocket

The goodness with this profession is that even if you don’t get employed by companies, you can employ yourself.


Avitation industry pays,and pilots tops the list of the top earners in this industry. The average salary, as of today,is $ 2,700 per month.

Pilots undergo rigorous training, which also consumes a lot of money. This is the reason why there are few pilots in Gambia.


Accountants especially those in possession of ACCA and MBA earn handsome cash. The average salary of a senior accountant in Gambia is $2,200 per month.

Though junior accountants pocket peanuts, the senior ones receive reasonable perks.

Electrical engineers

Here are other professionals who are lucky.Electrical engineers who are able to secure employment ear better than 80 % of professional in Gambia.