SSR Medical College,Mauritius Fees Structure


The following is the fees structure  for SSR Medical College,Mauritius

Tuition & Other Fees:

College Fees is payable as prescribed by the Indian Ocean Medical Institute Trust from time to time. If the fees for the full course of 5 yrs (10 Semesters of 6 months each) is paid upfront by any student at the time of admission, he/she shall not be affected by any subsequent increase in the fees.

The fees for MBBS Course  for the year 2017/18 is as follows:

College   College  College  Hostel    Hostel
 MBBS: 5 Years

@US $ 8,000/-  per year

(Payable Yearly)

Total: US $ 40,000/-


US $

Dev. Fee/ Other Charge (One Time)


(One time)
US$ 6000
Room fee @US$100/
per month
RegistrationFee (Hostel)
(One Time)

US $ 2000

1 First MBBS

3  Academic Terms Semesters (1,2,3= 1½yrs)

(i) US$ 8,000

Payable at the time of joining the Course / by Nov.’16.

1.Mauritians- Nil.

2.Indians- US$ 6,000.

Payable along with Registration fee


US $ 6,000

Payable by all at issuance of Prov.Admission letter



US$1200    per year

(Payable Yearly)

   US$ 2,000
2 Second MBBS

3 Academic Term   Semesters (4,5,6= 1½yrs)  



(ii) US$ 8,000

Payable before appearing in 1st Prof Pre-Univ. Exams/by Feb.18  (iii)US$8,000 Payable before appearing in 2nd Prof Pre-Univ. exams /by Feb.19


    Nil     Nil Payable Yearly      Nil
3                                                 Final MBBS

(Part-1&2 of 1 year each)  Semesters (7,8 & 9,10.)

(2+2) 4 Academic Terms


(iv)US$ 8,000 Payable before appearing in 8th Semester Pre-Univ. Exams / by Feb.’20  & (v)US$ 8,000Payable before appearing in 10th Semester Pre-Univ. Exams/ by Feb.’21.

    Nil     Nil Payable Yearly     Nil
4 For each additional term/Semester of 6 months, if fail at University Exam level/@ US$1000 per failed subject @US $ 1,000per failed subject      –     – US$ 600/

for 6 months

  1.   Yearly Tuition Fee @US$ 8000/-per Year:  Yearly Payment Plan-A:
  2. For Mauritians: Total Fee: (Yearly Payment Plan)- without Discount: Total Tuition Fee: 40,000 + Registration Fee: 6,000 + Dev. Charges: Nil.    Total= US$ 46,000/-)
  3. For Indians:  Total Fee: (Yearly Payment Plan)- without Discount:         Total Tuition Fee: 40,000 + Registration Fee: 6,000 + Dev. Charges: 6,000. Total= US$ 52,000/-)
  4. For Others/ International Seats: Total Fee:  (Yearly Payment Plan)- without Discount:  Total Tuition Fee: 40,000 + Registration Fee: 6,000 + Dev. Charges: 12,000.    Total=US$ 58,000/-)
  5. One Time Toatl Fee Payment Plan:  One Time Payment Plan-B:

*A rebate of 20% in fee is available only in Tuition Fee of US $ 40,000 (-20% i.e.- US$ 8,000=US$ 32,000), if the total tuition fee for the full course (10 Semesters) is paid at the time of admission. i.e the total payable fee after 20 % discount in Tuition fee, if paid upfront at the time of admission is as follows:


1. For Mauritians: Total Fee: (One Time Payment Plan)- Tuition Fee: 32,000 + Registration Fee: 6,000 + Dev. Charges: Nil.    Total= US $ 38,000.                                                   2. For Indians:         Total Fee: (One Time Payment Plan)- Tuition Fee: 32,000 + Registration Fee: 6,000+  Dev. Charges: 6,000.  Total= US $ 44,000.
(Indian Students mean Indian  Citizens who must also have passed their class 10th and 12th examination from a school in India only.)                                                                 3. For Others/International:          Total Fee: (One Time Payment Plan)- Tuition Fee: 32,000 + Registration Fee: 6,000+  Dev. Charges: 12,000.Total= US$ 50,000.

Note: The Registration Fee and the Development Fee/Other Charges are to be paid on issuance of  “Provisional Offer of Seat” Letter and the 1st Installment of Tuition Fee is to be paid before joining the Course.

Examination fee @ US $ 100 per subject will be payable in addition to the Tuition fee.

Important banking advice: Please note that any amount less than US$ 1000 IS TO BE PAID BY T.T. / Cash ONLY due to high bank charges for collection of Cheques/ DDs, which is more than US$ 150/ per draft/cheque.

On Campus Hostel Facility: Limited Hostel Rooms FOR ABOUT 80% STUDENTS are available on the Campus.

The hostel rooms are allotted on first come basis and on twin sharing basis.

Hostel Fee:                             One Time Registration Fee (Non Refundable):         US$ 2000/-

Room fee (Twin Sharing) of @ US$ 100/pm =                                                         US$ 1200/per year.

Mess Charges of about US100/per month are to be paid directly to the Mess operator.

Hostel Rooms have attached  toilet and bathroom with time controlled hot water supply and are supplied with a bed and mattress, a reading table, a chair and a cupboard, which is to be returned intact on vacating the room.

Hostel Residents have option to take a full room for them selves for their single occupancy on payment of full room charge@US$200/pm=US$2400/per year, subject to availability of such Rooms.

Students can opt to stay outside the Campus with permission of their parents. Sufficient Comfortable private accommodation is available in well connected nearby towns of Curepipe, Quatre Borne etc. However, for reasons of devoted Studies and self responsibility, off Campus residence is advised only after the students have passed first Professional University Examinations, that too with the express written permission of the parents.

Summary of Expenses in addition to the Tuition Fee of US$ 8000/- (about IRs 5.25 lacs) per year: Exchange Rate: US$ 1= IRs. 66/-(Approx) is as below:

Hostel Fee: Registration Charge:(One Time): US$ 2000/- + US$ 1200/per year for double occupancy Room.

Mess & Other Expenses.: An average living Cost would be about US$ 150/per month.

Note: Mess and Hostel Facility is optional. Students can stay in nearby towns of Curepipe etc. with consent of their Parents and prior permission of College.


One can apply on-line for admission through our website (icon: Admission Form). A hard copy of the Application contained in “Prospectus” Booklet is to be filled at the time of interview.

Illustrative List of our MBBS graduates / Doctors (about more than 1200 till Dec.’16), who have already graduated from the SSR Medical College can be seen at our website (through Quick Links: Alumni  List).
Scholarship:  A partial Scholarship Scheme by the Govt of Mauritius for limited number of students from some African countries is available (for details see :

Tentative Dates for Interview for MBBS admissions 2017/18: at

  1. Interview for Admissions 2017/18 at New Delhi:                    24th June June 2017 (Saturday, 11am to 2pm) at Hotel Ashoka (Business Center), Chankyapuri, New Delhi.

(Interviews at Chennai and Hyderabad/Mumbai will be conducted only if seats remain to be filled after Interview at Delhi and  Interview Date will be intimated later)

2.. Interview for Admissions 2017 at  Hyderabad/Mumbai: ………………June, 2017 (Saturday, 11am to 2pm) at Hotel Taj Banjara (Business Center), Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

  1. 3. Interview for Admissions 2017 at  Chennai:     ……………..June, 2017 (Sunday, 11am to 2pm) at Hotel Radisson (Business Center), near Chennai Airport, Chennai.

Contact Delhi Office: at 011-26715365/65, 26177805/ 26181878; or other tel nos given at our website (Link:Contact Us) for appointment.

Quick Response: Scan and mail your Class 12 Board Mark sheet at e-mail address: [email protected] ; writing your Contact Tel no on it for quick response.


Dubai: ……………………….. Aug. 2016. (Check/wait for Date at our Website).

Durban:    …………. Jan2017 (3rd Saturday-10 am to 1pm) at …………………………., La Lucia, Durban.

Contact : +2306978619/ +23052552754 (No prior appointment required. Candidates are expected to walk in for interview with copies of class 12 Board Mark sheet, passport and 2 Passport size Photos)

We do not have any representative / Agent and No Donations.

*M.D./M.S.:- The fee would be as follows: (to be intimated)

   M.D./M.S. College Hostel

US $

Other fee/** Dev.Charges US $

(To be informed at the time of Interview)+Amt equal to the stipend to be paid, if any



US $

Room fee@ US$100/PM
(for 3years)
US $
1 1st Year  1200/yr 2,000
2 2nd  Year  1200/yr
3   3rd  Year  1200/yr
5. For additional term at each level/@ per failed subject      2,000   600