How To Study a Degree Course in Kenya with a D or C grade



It is known and also a norm that those who pursue degree courses in Kenya are individuals with at least a C+ in KCSE, but you should be aware from today that you can pursue a degree even if you scored D or C in KCSE.

In most cases, C plain and below grades are barred from joining undergraduate programs due to requirements that you must possess at least a C+,in this case, an individual should look for means of pursuing their dream career. The first thing to do if you are in this situation is to select a university that will allow you direct entry after you have completed pre-university training. In Kenya, the best universities to pursue pre-university training include S.t Paul’s University, Mount Kenya University, Kenya Methodist University and Gretsa University. These universities have a six months program after which you will be allowed to pursue a degree program.

The second thing to do is go for bridging courses. I know some of you failed mathematics and science courses. If you are one of them, please consider doing bridging courses before you pursue your degree. If for instance you scored a C plain and wish to do bridging in Mathematics, you will realize that after bridging, your KCSE grade is upgraded to a C+, which is ideal for a degree program.

If you scored a D plus and below, chances of being allowed to pursue a degree course are slim but you can do this: simply enroll for a diploma course then upgrade with time-nowadays diploma courses take even one year to complete.Immediatley you have completed your diploma, enroll for a degree program.Siurprisingly,it will take you four years to pursue your diploma and degree courses.

The last option is to seek scholarships in UK,USA,Canada,Australia,Japan or China, but due to competition you may end up not getting one…but you might be lucky to secure one.