Best Subjects To Specialize in Kenya When Pursuing a Degree in Teaching in Kenya



When you join any of the Kenyan universities, you become absolutely confused on the best area of specialization in regards to subjects. At this point, you should be aware that the decision you make will either impact positively or negatively towards your future endeavours. It is, therefore advisable to be extremely careful in choosing the ideal subjects. After looking at the job market in Kenya, here are the best subjects of specialization.

Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology is the best area of specialization in the modern Kenya. This is because we are living in a social media era where using gadgets, including computers is a must.In future every school will have computers, which require computer teachers.


This combination is deadly. It has been established that teachers who specialized in Maths+physics are more likely to be employed at most 2 years after graduation. We strongly encourage you to specialize on these two subjects because there are few graduates with the same.


If you don’t believe me here, then you are in dream world. There is a gap in high schools-there are no CRE or Kiswahili teachers.

A combination of CRE and Kiswahili will easily get you a job in any part of Kenya.

 English Geography

This is another combination which you should strongly consider pursuing. Kenyans fear English more than they fear a disease, which is why whoever dares study the subject in college will find it easy getting a job in Kenya.


Another good combination is History and CRE.If you are not good at sciences, you will find it interesting specializing in these two subjects.

Maths+Business Studies

These two subjects go hand in hand.Maths enthusiasts should rush to pursue these tow subjects, which are marketable in Kenya.