Top 50 Best Degree Courses To Pursue in Sudan



Sudan is one of the countries which rewards individuals who possess the best degrees. In this country, if you pursue medical related degrees, real estate, oil and gas related courses and engineering related courses, you will be extremely marketable.

A review of all the courses offered in Sudan reveals that the following are the best top 50 degree programs in Sudan

  1. Bachelor Of Commerce
  2. Bachelor Of Education
  3. Bachelor Of Science In Civil Engineering
  4. Bachelor Of Science In Electrical Engineering
  5. Bachelor Of Science In Mechanical Engineering
  6. Bachelor Of Science In Surveying
  7. Bachelor Of Architecture
  8. Bachelor Of Science In Quantity Surveying
  9. Bachelor Of Science In Construction Management
  10. Bachelor Of Science In Land Economics
  11. Bachelor Of Science In Construction Management
  12. Bachelor Of Science In Telecommunications Engineering
  13. Bachelor Of Science In Computer Engineering
  14. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  15. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  16. Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  17. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  18. Bachelor of Science in Medical Radiography
  19. Bachelor of Optometry
  20. Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Geoscience & Production
  21. Bachelor of Laws
  22. Bachelor of Economics and Finance
  23. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
  24. Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies
  25. Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education
  26. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
  27. Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine
  28. Bachelor of Science in Finance and Statistics
  29. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
  30. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  31. Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Exploration and Production
  32. Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management
  33. Bachelor of Science in Statistics
  34. Bachelor of Science in Travel and Tourism Management
  35. Bachelor of Information Technology
  36. Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
  37. Financial Engineering
  38. Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies
  39. Bachelor of Law and Sharia
  40. Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  41. Bachelor of Project Planning and Management
  42. Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering
  43. Bachelor of Customer Care and Front Office
  44. Bachelor of Sales and Marketing
  45. Bachelor of Software Engineering
  46. Bachelor of Dental Technology
  47. Bachelor of Oil and Gas Engineering
  48. Bachelor of Accounting
  49. Bachelor of Finance
  50. Bachelor of Hotel Management

The listed courses above are marketable in Sudan and equally well-paying. If you are planning to join any university in Sudan, the above listed courses are the best to enroll for.