KCSE Grade Required To Pursue a Degree in Nursing in Kenya-Admission Requirements



A degree in Nursing should be your number one choice if you want to pursue a marketable degree in Kenya.KCSE grade required to enroll for the program depends on whether you want to join as a parallel student or regular student. If you will be admitted as a regular student, you are required to score at least a B+ in KCSE and if you are joining as a parallel student, you’ll require at least a C+ grade.

Universities offering BSc in Nursing in Kenya include, University of Nairobi,Egerton University, Kenyatta University, Mount Kenya University,JKUAT,and Kenya Methodist University, but the best universities to pursue the course are;UoN,KU,JKUAT and Egerton.

Admission Requirements for various universities are as follows:

University of Nairobi

  • Candidates for admission must obtain the prescribed minimum grades in K.C.S.E (C+). in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English or Kiswahili, or the following:
  • Biological Sciences, Physical Science, Mathematics, English or Kiswahili and one subject from group two of K.C.S.E.
  • Alternatively, admission may be granted to outstanding diploma holders from recognised Nursing Colleges. Such candidates must: Hold a diploma with credit or distinction from such Colleges.
  • Be supported in their application by a statement from the principal of that college to the effect that their performance in the diploma course was exceptionally good and that their understanding of basic sciences is such that they will be able to benefit from a degree course.
  • Any candidates currently employed shall have their application supported by a statement from their employer.

KCSE grade required to pursue BSc.Nursing at Egerton University are as follows

Admission Requirements
Candidates wishing to study for the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing shall have met the minimum University entry requirements as stipulated in the Egerton University Statutes.
In addition they should meet the following Faculty requirements;
i). Alternative A
a) Biology C+ (Plus)
b) Chemistry C+ (Plus)
c) Mathematics or Physics C+ (Plus)
d) English or Kiswahili C+ (Plus)
iii) Alternative B
a) A minimum of two principal passes in Biology and Chemistry and
b) Subsidiary passes in either Mathematics or Physics.
iii). Alternative C (for In-service students only)
a) Must have a minimum grade of C or Division III for KCSE Examination or I Principal and Subsidiary for A Level Examination.
b) Should be holders of the following:
a. Kenya Registered Nursing/Midwifery/Public Health Diploma. (KRN/M/PH) OR
b. Kenya Registered Nursing/Midwifery Diploma. (KRN/M/) OR
c. Kenya Registered Nursing Diploma (KRN) OR
d. Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing Diploma (KRCHN) OR
e. Equivalent qualifications assessed by the Faculty and approved by the Senate and Nursing council of Kenya.
f. Must be registered with the Nursing Council of Kenya or other institutions recognized by the Nursing Council of Kenya.

At Mount Kenya University, you are required to have the following Minimum qualifications

Minimum entry requirements for BScN direct entry
1.    Kenya Certificate of Secondary education(KCSE) or its equivalent with an aggregate of C+(plus) and also C+ (plus) in each of the following requisite subjects:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics/ Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Biology

Minimum entry requirements for BScN- Upgrading group

  1. Diploma in Nursing from a recognized institution
  2. KCSE mean grade C plain or Division 3
  3. A valid practice license from nursing council of Kenya
  4. Two years work experience after graduation as a registered nurse

At JKUAT,these are the minimum entry requirements

Admission criteria

Direct entry
The minimum entry requirements are mean grade of C+ in KCSE or its equivalent with C+    in each of the following cluster subjects: English, Biology/Biological Sciences, Chemistry Mathematics or Physics.

RN to BScN Upgrading
•    KCSE aggregate C plain plus Diploma in Nursing
•    KCE/EACE Division 2 plus Diploma in Nursing
•    KACE 1Principal and 2 Subsidiaries plus Diploma in Nursing

  •  At least 2 years working experience after attainment of the Diploma in Nursing

Programme duration

1 Direct Entry- Four (4) academic years on a full time basis

2 Upgrading-    Two and a half academic years on part-time basis (2 days in a week)

3 Graduates of the programme will undertake a one year internship programme and sit for a licensing examination as prescribed by the Nursing Council of Kenya

At Kenyatta University, you are required to possess the following minimum qualifications

Entry Requirements
i. Candidates wishing to study for the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and Public
ii. Candidates shall have obtained a mean grade of at least C+ at K.C.S.E. and passed the
subject clusters as indicated or their equivalents:

Alternative A

Biology B
Chemistry B
Mathematics or Physics C+
English or Kiswahili B

Alternative B

Biological Sciences B+
Physical Sciences B+
Mathematics C+
English or Kiswahili B


Principal passes in Biology and Chemistry and a subsidiary pass either in physics or

Candidates must be holders of a Diploma in Nursing from a recognized medical
training institution or its equivalent. The Diploma holders must have been registered as Nurses.

Credit Transfer System
Candidates holding Ordinary Diplomas in Nursing or approved qualifications in designated
Biomedical Sciences may have a credit transfer of up to 18 units.
All clinical units, community health attachments and clinical rotations are not eligible for Credit transfer.


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