Top 70 Most Marketable Undergraduate Degree Courses in Kenya 2021


Are you planning to join university for a marketable undergraduate degree course? Well, there are several hotcake courses to choose from that will guarantee job opportunities after graduation. At the moment, health related courses, computer related courses and education are some of the best programs to pursue in the university. Courses related to tourism and hospitality are not as marketable as they used to be. Actuarial Science is one of the most overrated university course in Kenya while Pharmacy is the most underrated.

We have compiled a list of the best degree courses to study if you qualified to the university, here is the list:

  1. Bachelor of medicine and Bachelor of Surgery MBChB
  2. Bachelor of Nursing
  3. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  4. Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology
  5. Bachelor of Science in Oral Health
  6. Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  7. Bachelor of Science in Office Administration & Management
  8. Bachelor of procurement Master of Science in Project Planning & Management
  9. Bachelor of Science in Finance and Statistics
  10. Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance
  11. Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics
  12. Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration
  13. Bachelor of commerce
  14. Bachelor of Business in Information (BBIT)
  15. Bachelor of Science Information Technology (B.Sc. IT)
  16. Bachelor of Science Information Science (BIS)
  17. Bachelor of Law
  18. Bachelor of Technology in Communication and Computer Networks Technology
  19. Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering
  20. Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering
  21. Bachelor of Technology (Electronics and Computer Engineering)
  22. Bachelor of Technology (Telecommunications)
  23. Bachelor of Technology (Power Systems)
  24. Bachelor of Philosophy in Technology (Electronics and Computer Engineering)
  25. Bachelor of Philosophy in Technology (Instrumentation and Control)
  26. Bachelor of Engineering (Geospatial Engineering)
  27. Bachelors of Technology (Survey Technology)
  28. Bachelors of Technology (Geo-information Technology)
  29. Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical & Aviation Engineering Options
  30. Bachelor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering Technology
  31. Bachelor of the Built Environment (Urban Design and Development)
  32. Bachelor of the Built Environment (Urban and Regional Planning)
  33. Bachelor of Technology in Food Science
  34. Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Resource Management
  35. Bachelor of Technology (Applied Statistics)
  36. Bachelor of Technology in Event and Convention Management
  37. Bachelor of Technology in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  38. Bachelor of Commerce in:
  39. Bachelor of Philosophy in Office Administration (B. Phil. Off. Admin.)
  40. Bachelor of Technology in Office Administration (B. Tech. OA
  41. Bachelor of Technology in Journalism and Mass Communication
  42. Bachelor of Philosophy (Printing)
  43. Bachelor of Science in Event and Convention Management
  44. Bachelor of Business Information Technology
  45. Bachelor of Commerce
  46. Bachelor of Construction Management
  47. Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
  48. Bachelor of Purchasing & Supplies Management
  49. Bachelor Of Radiography
  50. Bachelor of Architectural Technology formerly (Bachelor of Architecture)
  51. BSc. Agribusiness Economics and Food Industry Management
  52. BSc. Agribusiness Management and Enterprise Development
  53. BSc. Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
  54. BSc. Animal Health, Production and Processing
  55. BSc. Civil Engineering
  56. BSc. Computer Science
  57. BSc. Computer Technology
  58. BSc. Crop Protection
  59. BSc. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  60. BSc. Electronic & Computer Engineering
  61. BSc. Environmental Horticulture And Landscaping Technology
  62. BSc. Geomatics Engineering
  63. BSc. Horticulture
  64. BSc. Information Technology
  65. BSc. Land Resource Planning and Management
  66. BSc. Mechanical Engineering
  67. BSc. Mechatronics Engineering
  68. BSc. Soil, Water & Environmental Engineering
  69. BSc. Telecommunication & Information Engineering
  70. Bachelor of Software Engineering