Universities offering Knec bridging courses in Kenya


Some courses demand that you must attain a certain grade for you to be enrolled. The good thing is that some universities offer Knec bridging courses such as Mathematics, Physics, English and sciences. If you pass the courses, you’ll them be admitted to the course of your choice. Instead of repeating form four,some students opt to bridge.

Here are universities and colleges that offer bridging of courses in Kenya:

  1. Kabianga University

Bridging Courses offered: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Admission Requirements:

A minimum of D (plain) in subject to be bridged and mean grade of C+ in KCSE for those bridging for degree.

A minimum of D (plain) in subject to be bridged and a minimum mean grade of C- (minus) for those bridging for Diploma.

A minimum of D (plain) in subject to be bridged and mean grade of D+ (plus) for those students bridging for certificate course

Website link: http://kabianga.ac.ke/main/programme/bridging-course-mathematics-biology-chemistry-and-physics

  1. The Cooperative University of Kenya


Website link: https://www.cuk.ac.ke/admissions/bridging-certificate-diploma-courses/

  1. Mount Kenya University

Certificate in Bridging Mathematics

Target Groups
A large number of candidates would like to pursue Science courses and University education on completion of high school education but are restricted by the poor performance in Science Mathematics subjects at Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). To address this phenomenon, the School of Science offers bridging courses in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics

Entry Requirements

Aggregate Grade C+ in KCSE or the equivalent qualifications

Website link: https://www.mku.ac.ke/index.php/academic-programmes/118-programmes/536-certificate-in-bridging-mathematics

  1. Mount Kenya University

Certificate in Bridging English

Why study the programme
A large number of candidates would like to pursue tertiary and University education on completion of high school education but are restricted by the poor performance in language subjects at Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). To address this phenomenon, the School of Social Science offers bridging course in English.
Target Groups

  1. To strengthen students skills and capacity in English.
  2. To enable the students attain the minimum admission requirement(s) in the English subject(s) for Tertiary and University education.
  3. To assist the students to acquire and understand the basic principles of English,

Entry Requirements
The general regulations of Mount Kenya University and those of the Mount Kenya University School shall apply. No candidate shall be registered for the Bridging Certificate in English without satisfying the minimum University entry requirements. The Senate of the university shall have the final authority on all matters relating to academics.The programme will be guided by the regulation stipulated in the following sections

Website link: https://www.mku.ac.ke/index.php/academic-programmes/118-programmes/534-certificate-in-bridging-english

  1. KCA

Certificate in Bridging Mathematics

The bridging course in Mathematics is an intensive study program that upgrades the mathematical skills of high school graduates who intend to undertake a university degree or diploma program which has mathematics as an entry requirement. The program may be taken by students who would like to pursue the KCA University Bachelors of Commerce, Bachelors of Science in Information Technology and other similar courses.

Minimum admission requirements:

– K.C.S.E. mean grade C- (minus)

– Any other equivalent qualification approved by the University senate.

Website link: https://www.kca.ac.ke/certificate-in-bridging-mathematics

  1. Multimedia University of Kenya



12 Weeks

Minimum Entry Requirements
Aggregate C+ in KCSE or its equivalent as determined by KNEC, with an equivalent qualification for those who wish to join University degree courses thereafter. In addition, the candidate should have a minimum grade of D+ in the subject he/she is applying to bridge.

29,000.00 Per Course

Website link: http://www.mmu.ac.ke/bridging-courses/

  1. JKUAT University

Bridging Course in Mathematics

Target Group
The bridging courses target school leavers who have not attained the required grades in Mathematics
Entry Requirements:
Candidates  for admission into the Bridging  Certificate  courses in Mathematics  should have  completed  secondary school education with a  minimum  of  aggregate  grade C in  KCSE,   or Division III in KCE or an  equivalent qualification. Candidates with post-secondary certificate qualifications may be considered.

How to Apply

Go to  either main Campus or its branches
At main Campus go to College of Pure and Applied Sciences, office of Bridging Course in the Second Floor.
Branches go to the Department Mathematics and ask for the office of the Bridging course in Mathematics.

Advert for Bridging in Mathematics Jan-April intake


Application form is 500Ksh

Other information
Level:             Bridging in Mathematics
Duration:    4  Months
Mode:             Full-time
Listing:         Mathematics

Website link: http://www.jkuat.ac.ke/departments/statistics/bridging-course-in-mathematics/

  1. University of Eldoret






Website link: https://www.uoeld.ac.ke/university-programmes

  1. Maseno University



To be admitted in the programme a candidate must have a minimum Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E.) of D+ but with a deficiency in Chemistry.


The programme will normally extend for a period of three months.


5.1 The bridging course programme consists of five 3-unit courses. One third of which will be seminar and practical work.

5.2 Students will register for all the five courses.

Website link: https://www.maseno.ac.ke/index/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1101:bridging-course-in-chemistry&catid=127:programme-details&Itemid=750