University of Kinshasa Student Loans



University of Kinshasa offers loans to students to further their studies. The loans are offered to federal students and private students.

Types of Loans

It is important to understand the types of loans that are available for the student to get. This will help in choosing the loan that is right for you. There are two kinds of loans available to choose from, the federal student loan and the private loans.

The state provides the federal student loans. One is required to fill out the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Once compiled one is required to submit it and await their financial aid award package which is determined and sent by the college or university. The award package will outline the type of aid being offered which could be scholarships and grants.

Most federal student loans have limits and student are only able to borrow particular amounts depending on their need or year in college. Hence many opt to take private student loans. Typically most private student loans are offered by banks. Also, institutions like credit unions or other lending companies provide such loans.

Investigate All Options

It is important to know the loan options available and requirements before applying. This will help one find and get the best arrangement for their needs. One needs to shop around, visit the institutions and ask all the relevant questions. Once this has been done, sit down and compare the loans and benefits then one can make a decision.

Factors To Consider

Confirm loan details. Be sure to be clear on the interest rates. Federal loans have a fixed rate which helps in predicting payments. Private student loans rates vary depending on the lender. It is thus paramount to have clarity on the rates. Likewise, be clear on the first payment date, the total cost of the loan and the deferment period.

Find out when the money is disbursed. Will the money go to the school directly or will it be sent to the borrower’s account? Such information is critical for it will avoid confusion of where the money has been sent, preventing delays in settling the student’s account.

Finally, ensure to choose a lender with good customer service. Student loans are a big commitment. Hence you need a lender who has a reputation of handling their clients well.