Al Neelain University Sudan,PhD,Masters,Degree and Diploma Programs



Al Neelain is the best university in Sudan, which offers PhD, Masters, undergraduate and diploma programs. The programs offered at the university, are in line with the job market in Sudan.

The following is a list of courses offered at Al Neelain University,Sudan

·         Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
·         Faculty of Arts
·         Faculty of Law
·         Faculty of Pharmacy
·         Faculty of Medicine
·         Faculty of Engineering
·         Faculty of Optics Sciences
·         Faculty of Education
·         Faculty of Medical Laboratory sciences
·         Faculty of Commerce
·         Faculty of Sciences & Technology
·         Faculty of Technology of Mathematical Sciences & Statistics
·         Faculty of Agricultural Technology & Fish sciences
·         Faculty of Petroleum & Minerals
·         Graduate College
·         Faculty of Community Development
·         Faculty of Economic and Social Studies
·         Faculty of Dentistry
·         Faculty of Nursing Sciences
·         Faculty of Physiotherapy


Some of the most popular degree programs at the university include, statistics, nursing, medicine and engineering.